IMPORT/EXPORT button missing from SHORTCUTS dialog box

Hi All,
In SKP 2018 the IMPORT/EXPORT button seems to be missing from SHORTCUTS dialog box on MAC OS. Anyone else noticed this?

What “IMPORT/EXPORT button” are you referring to? SketchUp has never had such a button in the Mac version.

The Windows editions have a button that allows export or import of “settings” data files.

Maybe I am wrong and Mac OS never had this function - used to work on windows versions. My main problem is that I can’t import my Shortcuts and every time I reopen SKP all my shortcuts have been lost… So have to redo all shortcuts everyday.

Yes. There never has been Import and Export buttons in the Shortcuts dialog on Mac like there is on Windows. This isn’t new to SU2018.

Thanks Dave, my bad. Still doesn’t explain why the shortcuts are not saved when i close the program… any idea why - Is it ‘just’ a bug or?

There have been other reports of shortcuts not getting saved on Mac. Search the forum and you’ll find them.

Thanks again Dave!

After trying multiple solutions I think i might have found a way.
a) Open a new document b) create shortcuts c) close the sketchup d) re-open sketchup.

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