Tool Behavior Hotkeys

I’m trying to remap the hotkeys that sketchup has for the following

Up - tool lock in blue axes
Right - tool lock in red axes
left - tool lock in green axes
down - tool lock in some AI determined direction (lol I don’t really know what it does)

Does anyone know how to re-map these hotkeys? I don’t know what function I am looking for in the hotkey menu.



you can’t remap the arrows. it used to be possible, it’s not anymore.

they are hard-mapped by sketchup as the lock-in for axis and surfaces.

also, since you’re asking, the down arrow will lock you on to the last line / face you’ve put your cursor on. It’s basically the same as the other 3 except this time YOU choose chat the inference will lock onto, instead of the axis.

see more about the down arrow in this video

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Darn, it would make workflow so much easier if I could remap them.