Hotkeys in SketchUp 2017

Please provide the list of hotkeys, and their descriptions, for SketchUp 2017 Pro.

Go to Window > Preferences > Shortcuts

Thanks, I’m new so maybe I’m not asking correctly. When I look at the youtubes, it says hold this key to move on the green axis. What I’m asking for is the list of such keys.

For instance, the move function has “Tip: To lock an inference to an axis as you move, hold down the Shift key when the move line turns the color of your desired axis. Or hold down the up arrow key to lock your move to the blue axis, the left arrow to lock your move to the green axis, or right arrow to lock the move to the red axis.” What are the other such common hotkeys?

Check out this forum topic: Complete List of Keyboard Shortcuts

Those you quoted are modifier keys, as they modify the current tool’s behavior.

You should download and print out the Quick Reference Card for your platform:

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Yea! That’s it! Thanks

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