Key mapping using the "arrow" keys not working

For years, I’ve always remapped my keyboard to use the ARROW keys for my main commands…Move (right arrow), Rotate (left arrow), Push/Pull (down arrow) and Select (up arrow). I just downloaded the latest version 2023…I was using 2022 before, and now I cannot use the arrow keys for keymapping? Is there a way around this? I don’t know if a moderator can help me out here with info - I’ve been using the above setup for years and to lose that now if super inconvenient when you’re so used to workflow in a certain manner.
If anyone has any insight on the above, please get back to me with some direction. Perhaps there’s something I need to do in this new version that I’m unaware of? (hopefully, that’s the case!) Thanks in advance! Tony


in 2023, Sketchup on PC moved to the QT framework, the tool used to make the interface and all.
In the process, it has lost the ability to remap certain keys, such as the arrows or the end key.

It’s a known… fact, some will call it a bug, some won’t.

Is the dev team planning on making these keys available to map again ? the future will tell, hopefully in SU2024 within a couple month we’ll have an answer.

That’s super unfortunate! I hope this gets worked out, at least for me anyway! Using SU has become a muscle memory exercise for me and re-acclimating will be a pain. Thanks for responding and bringing clarity to my question. Much appreciated!

How do you manage without the arrow keys being available to lock (most) tools to the red, green or blue axis? Have you managed to re-map those functions to other keys?

And why not use the default keys m for Move, q for Rotate, p for PushPull, and Spacebar for Select?

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Hi @akonius, thanks for the post and welcome to the forums. Unfortunately it is Trimble policy that we are not allowed to comment on what is and is not planned for the future of SketchUp but I do understand your frustration with being unable to keep your keys set up the way you would like. As someone who uses a number of different programs for work, updates that reset keys or mess with my settings are not fun to work with.

I am sure that there are potential solutions out there to re-map keys on a system level, but I am not familiar with any off the top of my head. That may cause issues later on with other programs though as any system wide remapping would not just be confined to SketchUp.

I will however admit, I am curious what your workflow looks like if you are not using the arrow keys for their intended functions and if you have remapped them to other keys.