How can i use keyboard keys in newer versions

I used to use control P to push pull or control M to move stuff.It was so easy now I have to look up find the icon etc. Aside from being a pain it is a waste of my time…Am I doing something wrong or is the new Trimble version a step down the original?
Pls email me the answer.I really hope it’s my mistake & u can tell me how to activate the keys.

does ‘P’ and ‘M’ not work on their own?


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Just a heads up ,This is the my.sketchup category, not normal sketchup.

not sure I know the diff.I’ve been using SU 4 yrs but since nimble trimble
I don’t enjoy it!! & no- P & M don’t work
thx for answering me

According to flo’s profile she’s using SU2015 not my.SketchUp so I changed the category.

There’s no need for two threads on the same topic so hopefully some one with admin powers will lock or delete one of these threads.

@flo, I responded to you in your other thread. The fact is, the default shortcuts for Push/Pull and Move are the same as they’ve always been. Try resetting them as I describe in the other thread.

What happens if you hit M just after selecting some geometry?