Lightening materials

There are times when I want to distinguish between two areas of the same material (existing brick and new matching brick, for example). One way would be to make a copy of the “proper” brick material and then lighten it. But when I try doing that, I tend to get a monochrome version, probably because I am using the wrong thing. Here is an example:

I really just wanted a very pale yellow version of the darker yellow original. How would I do that simply and quickly (ie withoutr resorting to third party applications)?

What settings did you use when you edited the color of the material? You should just edit the RGB values. The RGB values for the native Brick Rough Tan are 167,141,82. I made a new version and set the values to 187,161,92.

I disremember if HLS and HSB controls are available in the Mac color editing options but on the PC they are and those would be other ways to make simple changes.

Dave, this is what my dialog box looks like:

As i have the RGB sliders, I’ll try doing what you did. Ta!

BTW, disremember?? Forget?

The RGB sliders will do what you need. Make sure you have the correct material swatch selected before you edit.

BTW, yes.

There’s some kind of bug on the Mac version that’s been around for YEARS where this happens. It happens to me but it isn’t always reproducible. You go to edit a material color, and it snaps to gray scale immediately. It happens frequently enough to be annoying, but not always. Quite frustrating.

Yes, that was exactly my experience, but I think I was using a different set of sliders (not RGB).

For me it happens primarily when I try to adjust using the color wheel, but that’s simply because it’s my preferred method for quick adjustments. I have a feeling it glitches for all methods. If I notice it again I’ll try to capture it and/or share the file.