Editing Textures - saturation and brightness

I am using a Mac and it seems the problem I am experiencing is not shared by PC users.

I am trying to change the colour saturation of textures (such as bricks and roof tiles). The HSB slider seems to only affect solid colours, not the texture I am trying to edit. Infact If I select my texture and then go to the HSB sliders they are set for a completely different colour. If I select the colour wheel I can change the lightness/darkness but this converts it into a solid colour - the pattern is lost.
I can get the sort of effect I am looking for by reducing the opacity, but I don’t want to make the texture transparent, I just want to lighten it. Any suggestions?

Generally I would open the texture in an external image editor to make changes because I’d have a whole lot more control over the changes. You can do that from the Materials editor in SU.

you need to be in ‘Colors in Model’ to edit any textures…

what you describe happens when editing ‘Library’ materials…



Hi John

I just tried selecting a texture from ‘colours in model’ and the same thing is happening - the HSB sliders do not show the colour of the texture I selected to edit?

no they retain the last used value so you can color match things easier…


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thanks for your reply, but I seem to be a bit stuck with what I am trying to do. I have seen someone doing it on a PC and it looked easy

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