Can you edit colours of images (as opposed to textures)?

I recently bought a bunch of trees which looked rather nice from this guy:

I wanted to adjust the hues of the textures within these trees, but the leaf texture existed in the model as images, not geometry with materials assigned to it. So I thought - I can’t adjust the colour of these images.

Then I read his documentation, saying that you could adjust the leaves for hue, saturation, etc:

I notice that the example uses a PC. I use a Mac. Is it the case that Mac is different to PC with this ability?

if they show in the ‘Colors’ >> ‘In Model’ panel, then you can tint them…

do they?


They do not. That is the issue.

I have tried right-clicking on the image and selecting “Use as Material”, which creates a new texture, but editing that does not change the image in the model. That command simply creates the new material.

Can you explode the image? That would typically make an imported image show as a texture which you should then be able to edit.

BTW, the adjustment tutorial page (
says just ALT+RMB (right-mouse-button) with the BucketTool active.

This is no different from RMB with any other tool active. It just brings up the mouse context menu.

But ALT+LMB (left-mouse-button) with BucketTool, sets the image’s material to the current material in the Materials Manager (inspector panel.) After which you can switch to the “Edit” panel, and change the tint, shading and opacity for the material.

Perhaps the author has reversed his mouse buttons ?

Exploding the image turned it into a face with texture - it worked! Thanks for the suggestion. Didn’t think Images could be exploded.

If other people can manipulate image hue, saturation without making it into a textured material first, then it must be that Mac has a problem with this, but PCs are fine.

Thanks for the help!