My students do not get the option to edit their textures


My students are unable to edit a texture. When they control click on the texture, the edit option is faded out, however it works on my computer (teacher). They are running MAC 10.10.5 and so am I. Cannot find why my computer will let me edit and theirs won’t.


One guess: you painted the face(s) and your students a group/component?


No they are simply selecting a texture, hitting control and trying to edit the texture that Sketchup is giving them.


There is a difference based on how the texture was applied. If it was applied to a single surface, it can be edited. If it was applied to an entire group or component, then you cannot edit the textures.


Post one of the skp files from your students here on this forum and in the same post send the same file from your system so that they can be compared.


You must apply a texture to some object before you can edit it.

An unused material in a collection on disk is the “original.” To protect and preserve the original materials, they can’t be changed and overwritten. However, once the material is used on a model, a copy of the material is placed in the In-Model collection (House icon), and this local copy of the material can be edited.



they sometimes go missing on my mac as well…

it’s usually with imported models from 3d Warehouse, sometimes by copy pasting to a new model…

and possibly from materials originally made on a PC [I’ve never found a definitive pattern]…

you can usually edit them if you save them to a local collection them re-apply from the collection…

but it shouldn’t occur with the default SU materials, unless the students all run SU from a server?

You can edit a group material from the ‘Color’ browser/palette, just make sure to close the edit window when done…