Adjusting material hue

Can anyone advise me on how to do this please?

There is a wealth of online resources for materials that can be used for surfaces in SU. Some are very realistic. However, it often happens that they are just a bit too bright in hue to look realistic, a tad too Disney. I attach a material for cedar siding which does represent quite well what the material looks like when first fitted. But it soon becomes a greyer, duller version, and less ginger.

Is there a simple way of keeping the basic material but toning it down, ideally within SU but otherwise with an image editor (preferably not something costly like Photoshop).

Modern Siding.skm (29.2 KB)

In SketchUp (win)

In GIMP - a few tutorials
YouTube search -

Yes, I have played with the sliders but, as your video demonstrates, it is quite hard to get what you want (or I find it so).

I am on a Mac but I have used Gimp before. I will take a look at the tutorials.

At least it seems to answer the question about doing it inside SU: in theory, yes, but in practice, probably not (unless you want to spend hours fiddling with it).

A related question…

I just managed to delete a list of materials by mistake in SU. It hasn’t been deleted from the SU application folder so I presume there is an easy way of reinstating it without creating a new list and painstakingly uploading the material files one by one. Is there?


Is this a native list? You could try quitting and restarting SketchUp.

Have you set up a default image editor in Preferences>Applications? If you have you can edit your materials using that editor instead.

A native list. So it will repopulate automatically then?

I think I may have set up Gimp as my image editor.

I would expect so. If not, reinstalling will do it.

I’ve never encountered that problem, but I think @DaveR most likely has it correct. SketchUp tends to restore the distribution sets of things such as required user folders, su_extensions, and materials each time it starts. You probably have only eliminated the materials from the memory of the currently running instance of SketchUp.

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Naturally, @DaveR was right. Closing and re-opening SU did restore the material list. Phew!