Editing Materials in SU App

In SU App the button for editing materials is greyed out. I need to change the scale and colour of a pattern I’ve added to a surface. Can anyone help?

In the free version of SketchUp you can change the size of the texture by right clicking on the face to which it is applied and selecting Texture>Position. Then adjust the green pin. There is no color editing available in the free version, though. You would need the SketchUp Go version to do that. You could import an image that is the right color and use that as your texture.

What is the texture and how much do you need to resize it?


Thank you so much, I really appreciate the response. I guess the free version of sketch up is free for a reason.

It is a good application for hobbyists such as yourself and is quite capable. You can add your own custom materials easily. You might even find what you need in the 3D Warehouse. It wouldn’t hurt to look.

I am a student and finding it AWFUL to learn on, I’m afraid.

Maybe you should look into getting an educational license for SketchUp Pro. Sounds like that would be more appropriate for you.

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