Layout sucks?

I used layout back when it came out, and it was ok, but pretty bad if your project was too big. I quickly moved away from layout and sketchup when i needed something with more power. Cut to last month where i had to go back to layout because of the project i was on: layout still sucks…for me. If i try to delete 2 or more dims (this happens when you make big changes in sketchup) it takes a long time proportional to the number of dims i delete. In the range of 30sec to 2 min. If i drag-copy a viewport too quickly, layout freaks out and flips the viewport back and forth over and over and over for any length of time between 1 and 5min. Entering text anywhere lags 3-5sec always. Snapping dims to a viewport is random. Moving something around the page is like pushing pennies through molasses.

My coworkers weren’t so surprised, they had all these work arounds like: never have more than one sheet/page in a layout file; never group too many things together; never ever use vector or hybrid rendering; when layout hangs, use this as an opportunity to stretch. I am not joking or being hyperbolic. These are real things that were said to me at work. This is not how layout should work IMO, but still their experiences weren’t as bad as mine from what i could tell. Even more poignantly for me, i remember layout always being like this which is why I’ve always avoided it for serious work.

When i recently started trying to solve this problem, i noticed that in youtube videos, and on this forum, layout is more smooth; even flawless. It looks like it just works. I have a middle of the road tower. Ryzen 7 gen 2, nvidia 1060 w/6Gb vram, 32Gb ram. All the latest drivers. 1Tb ssd. 1000W psu. A fresh install of Win 10. And fresh SU2019. It is a roughly $800 rig. It isn’t a render-burner, but it runs Vectorworks, cinema4d, Rihno and Premier/after effects like a champ. This setup should work with layout, right? My coworkers’ were running layout on 5yo mac laptops and newer. And, though there was some lag and layout kookyness, they couldn’t do a pee break when they deleted 5 viewports (ie, it only took a few or 10s of seconds). Is this a mac/pc problem? Should i just relegate myself to single page layout files? Do i need a $3k pc rig to run layout? Is layout only optimised for mac?

Is it just me? Am i on some blacklist at Trimble where i am supposed to suffer layout as Sisyphus suffers his bolder?

I’ve been doing as much research as i can, but any hints or clues would be great. I’m sure I will be dragged back to layout again in the future.


Yep! This happens to me too once in a while. It’s #@$%*! annoying.

But despite the annoyances that I suffer it generally works satisfactory for what I do. The last time I used anything else for professional work was AutoCAD 2007 back in 2007 so I can’t really compare it.

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Your other thread
tells me that you have an issue with your system. So until you can resolve that Layout will work poorly.
It sounds like your graphic card is the problem and may not be working well with Win 10. You may have to hunt for an older driver to get it to work correctly.

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Yeah that was weird, but i think it was a funny windows install. I was having the same issues with layout before i cleaned house. The 1060 is an older form factor by a few years, and the card itself is 2 years-ish old. However, consider that everything else is running great. I mentioned my productivity apps, but i can run games great too. I drive an acer 1440p x144hz monitor, and get 100-120fps in CS:GO, and 80-100fps in pubg. Not blazing, but good enough for a casual gaming rig. Granted, when my vectorworks files get into the 90Mb range i start to get laggy in OGL with everything on, but I think that’s a slow ram issue. My layout files are never that big. I’d buy faster ram, but I’m saving up my money for a threadripper rig.

I see where you’re going, thinking about older drivers, but i don’t think that would be great for the rest of my system. I also run layout on my laptop with a discreet nvidia gtx 1050 card and core i7, and get the same laggy draggy issues. Both of my computers exceded the basic requirements and run sketch up great, but not layout.

Is layout smooth and buttery on your rig? What are your specs? What should i be looking out for in my next rig? Do i need to consider the newest, fastest 2080Ti (or better?) to get layout to smooth out?


As with all software in general, we tend to learn to deal with the limitations.
You need to have a system.
Check this:

The reason is in the operating system. For MAC, SU and LO work better, perhaps because developers use MAC or because of different libraries.

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