Layout functionality request - Copy and Paste within same file faster

Is it possible to make Layout’s copy and paste function more like duplicating an object in Layout? Every time I copy and paste a Sketchup model, it seems like it’s copying the entire SKP file, but it’s already loaded into the Layout doc, so why does this have to be this way?

Are you copying from SketchUp to Paste into LayOut? If so, don’t do that. Insert the SketchUp file into LayOut once. Then copy the viewport in LayOut and change the scene for the new viewport.

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No, I’m copying and pasting from within Layout. There are ways around it (kind of) but it would be nice to not have to wait for so long. When a page is duplicated with a Sketchup model on it, there’s almost no lag. Or, when a Sketchup model is duplicated (Cmd+D/Ctrl+D) on a Layout page, there is virtually no lag - so, I’m asking for copy & paste to work like that within a document.

I don’t see any real delays when copying and pasting viewports within LayOut. Any chance you can share a LayOut file that causes a delay for you?

Might want to keep you SU views rendered in raster until your done copying and moving them around. I think the copy and paste time could be related to the render time.


Sounds like their is quite some space for optimization here.

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In LO if I copy then paste an SU viewport the paste operation takes about 1.75 seconds in raster mode (and hybrid).

If I ctrl+D (duplicate) a viewport it is pretty much instantaneous.

If I click + hold + ctrl and drag it’s instantaneous apart from when this happens…


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