Layout problems

I am on SU / LO pro 2018 on a Dell XPS 15-740 CPU 3 GHz, 32 GB ram nvidia GeForce gt 1030. This should work just fine, right?

Problem #1
Yet Lay out has long lags. I imported a simple 2 d plan from SU and it has long (multi second) pauses if I try to move the view port across the page. I type and there are lags. Forget trying to move an imported image. The lags are almost 10 seconds. I have had better luck if I reduce them to medium size. By lags I mean I grab the move tool ( or the resize tool in the corner) and move it, then wait seconds for the model to move.
What is going wrong?
Problem #2
I place a label, extend it then type in some text. Then the arrow point disappears. I go to the task bar, re-set it - looks fine, erase the offending label, make a new label - no arrow. I do it again - same story. Eventually I close the program without saving my work and restart it, and now it seems to work properly. Weird.
Problem #3
I have a view port open. I want to import a scene I created a few moments ago in SU, which I saved, according to Hoyle. No matter where I click on the viewport, the long tool bar won’t open. Just a short one. Apparently, if I hover over the model in the viewport and click, the long tool bar will appear. I don’t recall that being a problem previously.
Problem #4
I try to enlarge the size of the model in the view port by going to a bigger scale in the task bar on the right. Poof! The model disappears from the view port.

It never was this way, but over the last several projects, this buggyness has been super annoying.



I have a strange problem, which may have more to do with my computer than with SU/LO.
I opened an older file in LO and now I cannot close it. I’ve checked the .skp file associated with it, and everything looks in order, but the x in the upper left on my MAC (that is usually how you close a file) is a dot instead.
I’ve been using Skup Pro 2019, recently upgraded to it, and often I’m opening the 2018 by mistake. there is no difference in symbol and I don’t remember which files were in 2018, so this may be part of my problem…but I have no idea, really.