Lay out woes


I get so frustrated trying to use lay out. This is what I need help on.

A) I see something in LO that needs fixing on the SU model. I go to the model, fix it, save it, export it to LO. There is no change. There doesn’t seem to be a way to update the corrected scene. Ultimately, I close LO without saving and restart the process over. I have looked at every pull down, I have clicked on the section when if is in the blue box, and nowhere is there an update button.

B) I want to move some of the tools like pan down to the tool bar. I have tried - 10 -15 times with no luck.

C) I re-import my model to open another blue box, and when I try to move it, it resizes itself. So then I go reset the scale, reclick “preserve scale” and mostly it doesn’t resize, but all too frequently it changes scale, and I have to re-rescale and re-represerve.

D) I like to draw my models in shaded faces, Lord help me if I forget to reset the style to hidden line before making scenes and saving it and exporting to LO. If I don’t, I end up having to close LO without saving, going back to SU, deleting all of my scenes, changing the style to HL, remake all of the scenes, resave, reopen LO and start afresh.

What is wrong? I have SU 2018. Should I delete it and open an earlier version? I liked 2016 a lot - it was easier to draw. These new gimmicks on the ends of the drawing tools are so annoying when they turn on by themselves and draw something like a centered rectangle when I don’t want one.




Would you share your LO file with me? I’m sure we can get you sorted out.

A) If you’ve modified the scene in LayOut, you will have disconnected it from the original scene in SU so changes you make to the scene in SU will not translate in LO. There’s no reason you need to modify the scene in LO so no reason to disconnect it from the SU scene.


How are you trying to do that? You should be able to drag the Pan tool to the toolbar with no problem.

That said, I find it easier to hold Shift and the center mouse button down for Pan just as I do in SketchUp.

C) Don’t reimport the model. After you have inserted the first viewport, copy it to make additional ones. Don’t import from the same SKP file again.


All you need to do is edit the style you were using to change it to Hidden Line and update it. Any scenes that were using that style will now be displayed with the Hidden Line style instead.

No. Don’t delete SU2018. Learn how to use it and SketchUp correctly. These things aren’t any different in LO2016 anyway so going back to it won’t help.

As in the past, I’ll be happy to help you Gerret



I can help out with a few of these concerns,

A) After going back into the model to make changes, just save and go back to layout. Once there select a viewport of the model, right click and select update reference. This will update your changes, no need to re import.

B) Not so sure here, I didn’t even think there was a pan tool in layout. But either in SketchUp or Layout I always just use the scroll wheel to zoom out, reposition the cursor and zoom back in.

C) If you want another viewport of a model already brought into Layout, just select the existing one, copy and paste another copy of it, or move while holding control will do the same thing. once you have a second viewport you can change the scene it shows. It will retain all the settings of the copied viewport such as scale etc, until you modify them.

D) If you save a scene with the wrong style, just click on the scene and then without moving the camera settings change to the style you want then right click on the scene tab and click update scene. This will save the new style to the scene.


The problem is usually that you try to drag the tool to an empty space, it will only snap when the black line appears.


I didn’t make changes in the model in layout. I didn’t think that was possible. I went back to SU to do that.
I followed your example and it worked. I got the pan tool there.

What is really difficult is when I draw the model and I import a bunch of 3d models. Then they all disappear when I use hidden line. So then I try the construction style but while it shows the 3d models it also shows colors, which I don’t want. How do you get around that?I had difficulty with several things:

A) I never have used groups before, so I thought I’d try it. Stupidly,I put some stuff in groups when I shouldn’t have, such as dimensions and labels ( which I like to use as I draw) and it created problems.

B) I didn’t pull up the walls and make them a group, so as I worked on the cockamamie roof it screwed up the walls. So I tried to use views that didn’t show the cumulative errors.

C) Why does the program make a copy in the same space as the original? I try to make a copy and move my cursor where I want it pasted but it doesn’t appear there. It was by accident I found the copy pasted on the original.

I would like to talk to you later in the morning - It is 1 am and I spent about 12 hrs to get this done as much as it is done. Crazy. I could have drawn it by hand in less time, but I want to learn this program. I should be up around 9 or so pacific time.

I was going to attach the LO file - but it says it is too big. Sigh. G


A popular way to upload larger files is to upload them to Dropbox. You can then send Dave a private message by clicking his icon and share the link to it with him.


good idea. G


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