Layout No Longer Working After over a year of working well

I have been using Layout regularly without issue. Now it won’t even load. I can’t export anything to it either. I tried logging out and logging back in to both SketchUp Pro 2021 and Layout Pro 2021 and Layout still doesn’t work. Style Building works fine. I have a deadline to meet and this is frustrating.

Does anyone have any ideas? I did a search and there were no relevant answers.
Thank you!


Will LayOut not even open if you launch it from the Start Menu?

If that’s the case it may be that you need to uninstall then reinstall SketchUp and Layout. To be honest that seems like a process but it’s often quicker than problem solving.
Your settings will be saved.

Do you have older versions of SketchUp & LayOut installed? In my case there seems to be some interference/confusion between the versions.

If you do reinstall then right-click the EXE install file and “run as administrator” just to be safe.

As AK_SAM states

In addition you do NOT have to uninstall. Do the right click thing on the .exe file and when prompted choose REPAIR.

It’s odd that it was working and then just quit. It might be that repairing the installation as was suggested will fix it. Get the most recent version of the installer from Download All | SketchUp and then right click on it, choose Run as adminsitrator and then Repair if it is presented.

while you’re straightening things out, go to the graphic card manufacturer’s site and get their latest drivers for your graphics card, install them, and then do a cold reboot of your computer.

Thank you very much Sam. I was afraid I would have to uninstall and reinstall but since it is a web based program now, I wasn’t sure. Yes, I do have older versions on my computer. I will follow your directions. Thank you so much.


Repair would be much easier! Thank you, I will try that first.

SketchUp Pro and LayOut are not web-based programs.

Thank you Dave. I made sure I had the most recent update. I clicked on Run as administrator but didn’t find the Repair option. I downloaded Check Up and that is all fine. I have done that before and the results were the same. How do I get the latest drivers for my graphics card? What is a cold reboot?

I really appreciate your help!


So did the installer run without giving you the Repair option? If so, that means you didn’t have the latest version of 2021 installed before.

Go to the graphics card manufacturers website and look for Drivers. They should have a link somewhere readily accessible.

A cold reboot is a full power off shut down and then restart.

Thank you Dave! You are correct, the installer ran without giving me the repair option. I will work on your recommendations! Thank you!

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Layout is working!! Thank you everyone! The cold start and running as an administrator seemed to do the trick.

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Im not 100% sure what the technical diffrerences are between Repair vs Reinstall, but I found that repair works if there is a missing sketchup or layout system file, but it may not fix issues where Windows gets confused and points to the wrong path or there’s some issue with the login, or sketchup version, or a windows driver mismatch.

I did a few uninstall/reinstalls lately and it’s only a difference of a minute or two.

Thank you Sam. Next time I have a problem with Sketch up, I will try uninstalling and reinstalling before asking for help!

Not every problem requires a reinstall , but reinstall is useful to fix problems relating to launching (loading) sketchup or layout, once youve already tried other quicker fixes.

Thank you!

Another big thing to try which solved 30 crashes in a day for me, wouldn’t work on even a new computer, was that my layout file had auto render box turned off. I don’t know if it was a cache build up or something like that, no idea how that works, but I had that box turned off for weeks and layout eventually that one day wouldn’t run at all for more than a minute or two. After I turned it back on it solved it and no more crashes, also cold turn it off again and no problem. Was temporary. Try that too if something happens. Not sure what that’s all about @Mark but maybe mention it to the team? Hope that’s helpful. Glad you’re up and running now.

Having the same issue right now. I’m using LayOut/SketchUp for a few weeks, and now LayOut completely stopped working. Trimble support hasn’t been able to help with anything, same goes to my IT. Has anyone been able to find a solution for this??

It seems this thread describes a solution, and suggests others as well.

What have you tried? Have you

  • Updated your “?”-type display driver?
  • Repaired your SketchUp installation?
  • Deleted your preferences files?

@pbacot, I tried all of the solutions that are mentioned above and none of them helped. @Anssi, yes I did all that. Ain’t helping.

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