Layout issues in 21.1.299

Using version 21.1.299

In Layout when you view a scene that is based on a camera view not a section view and render mode is either Vector or Hybrid, the camera view is not displayed correctly. In both Hybrid and Vector mode all the objects display in a wireframe including the object behind the camera view. The camera view works in Raster mode.

If you use a section for the scene all the Render mode display correctly. Just started happening in the last version. Any ideas?

By “camera view” I presume you mean Perspective? Not sure what you mean by section view unless that is Parallel Projection.

You might want to upload some images or even the file to see if it happens for others.

By camera view I mean a Scene created in Sketchup using the position camera tool. The scene is create starting with a Camera set to parallel projection and top view. Using the Position Camera tool you position the camera on one axis,

How does that differ from Top View?

Top view cannot have object behind it. If you have a box on the left and cylinder on the right, top view will show both. If you position the camera between the two objects facing one direction you should only see one object. The other object is behind you.

OK, but I would deal with that by using either tags or the Outliner and turning off the object that was in line of sight.

Still holding out on us with images/files?

So here is a typical elevation using a standard side view and Parallel Projection.

And here’s the same kind of thing using Top View.

And here’s a plan using a section cut.

Is that how you are doing it?

BTW, there was a flock of geese passing over when I di the Top View but I tagged them under Wildlife and then turned that tag off. They didn’t like it. You should have heard the din they made.

Image of a simple model in Sketchup


View in layout of scene created using the camera position tool as described earlier in post. Camera between the two objects facing the box Parallel projection. Render mode is Raster. Works as expected. You only see the box. The cylinder is behind your camera.

View in layout of same scene in Hybrid Mode or Vector Mode. Was broken in this version of layout (21.1.299). It shows both the box and the cylinder behind the camera view.

Sorry wrong image file on last post, View in layout of same scene in Hybrid Mode or Vector Mode. Was broken in this version of layout (21.1.299). It shows both the box and the cylinder behind the camera view.

Because you have not uploaded the file, I cannot tell if you have made each element into a separate Group/Component. That’s what I would do.

You can use the camera in the way you are but it’s working too hard. Much easier to use the standard set views and visibility to control what you see. I only use the camera if I want to get a particular angle or focal length.

How can I upload a file. New users to the forum .

Just drag & drop.

In the meanwhile, here is a file I produced. Take a look at the scenes, tags, and outliner to see different ways of skinning the cat.

Test.skp (161.9 KB)

These are saved views. The are for cabinet details in a complex model. Much easier than creating a million sections and trying to manage them. Sections still work but something was broken / changed in the last version of the product. (983.4 KB)
Here is a test layout and sketchup file with the example from above.

The model as multiple scenes (views) for testing in layout.

You don’t need to add the skp separately, it is included in the layout file.

Added it if you wanted to see how the scenes were created.

As I said, it is already included and can be opened from within the layout file.