Sketchup Layout elevation scene from Camera not Section Plane


I’m trying to use the Camera elevations instead of the Sectiontion planes to model my elevations in Layout, but when I import the scene into my Layout Viewport, it shows the foreground lines as well as the elevation. Any suggestions on how to fix this?

Normally a section plane would be used to remove the objects and geometry between the viewer and the part of the model you want to show. An alternative could be to give the foreground objects tags that can be turned off for the view. Hard to say more than that without seeing your model.

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This was an alternative solution I found online as shown by several Sketchup ‘gurus’, they seem to be able to import the elevation into Layout without these issues…
When I do these scenes in Sketchup, you dont see the lines, but then they show up in Layout for some reason…

I see. So you have something like I show on the left but want what I show on the right?

There was a change to the way the camera works in SU2020, although I forget which revision, that in simple terms lets you get the Parallel Projection camera in closer to the model so foreground content is behind the camera. There are several ways to do this. For the view on the right I started with the camera set to Perspective and set up the view so the trees are behind the camera. Then I switched to Parallel Projection and created the scene.

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