Layout disaster!

Hello - hope you are all well? I have an issue with layout… When i want to do an elevation of a room (parallel projection then positioning my camera in the center of the room, on the axes then press release) i have a perfect elevation in sketch up …when i move to lay

out i get this! Spent hours trying to work it out last night and in the process messed up my layout pages (not a good night :crazy_face:)… If someone could help (again with another one of my sketchy sketch ups, i’d be so grateful!

This is how it should look… and does in sketch up. But it doesn’t like layout. I am being really stupid… most probably. Any help massively grateful.

You should be using a section cut for that view.

The camera isn’t really positioned where you show it when you switch to Parallel Projection.

Dave! Thankyou again… A section cut?? … Okay. Not learned that yet :see_no_evil: I am off to learn. Thank you!

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YeY!!! It worked!!! Thank you Dave :pray:

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