Tidy up section drawing

Been doing sections from Sketchup for years. Layout seems to have the functionality I need (previously used to export high res. tif’s and edit the section line in photoshop).

The top image is a screen grab from Layout
The bottom image is a site section (small scale hence thick line) showing what we want to achieve, namely a tidy section without all the below ground stuff.


If you use the section cut from sketchup and generate a group from the slice, you could use that group as a mask/layer over the layout image?

Depending on your style settings, SketchUp will fill up your section cuts automatically

In LO, I often just trace over the XS cut outline w/fill on (white) and then trace over the undesired visible line with another “white” line.

XS_CutLine.layout (87.8 KB)

XS_CutLine2.layout (333.3 KB)

Great stuff, guys. I’m gonna REALLY enjoy this forum

Hey Anssi. That is a revelation, thankyou. I didn’t spot this new feature in SU2018. Do you have any idea why the terrain model isn’t playing ball? It’s pretty big, the buildings (which are OK, I made the fill blue so you can see what’s working) are obviously much smaller, and I suppose can be classified as ‘closed’ where as the terrain model is very rambling and I suspect has gaps dotted around the place (I exploded all it’s constituent parts to see it would become a single closed entity, no luck).

I cannot say for sure, but gaps in the section cut outline would be the most likely reason.

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