Layout 2021 Better!

I for finally got moved over to 2021. I have to give a shout out. If you gave up on layout or are frustrated with a pre 2021 version then upgrade. I’m very happy with the performance improvements.


That’s only true since yesterday with a recent patch release. Actually most people were complaining against 2021 Layout performance and it’s this patch that solves it.

@JQL I didn’t load any patch. I’ll have check and see about that.

I would say many people rather than most…

What version are you on?

@AK_SAM Version 21.0.339 64-bit

Well… I was one of them and now I’m not. I’m going back to my usual complaining: we need tags from a SketchUp viewport to export to DWG from LO. I want a way to remove section line from sectioned scenes…

Thanks at Trimble for the work on the patch!

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by tag control in Layout?

No, by style control in Skechup/Layout.

That line is ruining a lot of my drawings and I need a stacked viewport just to hide it. If it wouldn’t be there, a section cut face would hide all the modelling mistakes that exist due to the fact that modeling of walls and slabs is very difficult to make if it has to match real building.

In the following drawing which features a model and a section cut face for detailing it, notice how the detail is different from the model. The slab is inserted into the wall in the detail, though not in the model.

To heal it in Layout I have to stack the face in a viewport above the model. This would be so simple to avoid just by removing section cut lines and most my models (for conceptual and construction documentation) would have no need for any kind of stacking.

Stacking would be reserved for permit stage work where I have a lot of linework that must be shown in top of the model and exported to CAD in it’s own layer for municipality analysis (property lines, national reserve lines, contours, survey data…). I need a viewport for each layer as from Layout all elements of a Viewport will export to DWG in the same layer. However, that would also be avoidable if Sketchup Tags would be exported to their own Layer from a Layout viewport.