Layout 2021 - years of rendering problems continue

Having installed 2021, i see the usual rendering issues continue.

Drawing in SU:

Render in LO:

As you will notice the groups with the furniture drawings have their insides removed, so to speak.

This has been a problem since 2018. Which is why i’m still doing all my work with 2017, which version doesn’t yet have this problem.

This has been reported by us regularly to technical staff, apparently to no avail.

Every year Trimble presents us with the new version, with bells and whistles we don’t particularly need. Yet we pay for a new version every year and are still working on the 2017 one. If anyone thinks this is normal, please tell me.

Raster, vector or hybrid rendering?
I have seen missing lines in Vector and Hybrid rendered LayOut viewports in earlier versions, but these symptoms look different. Can you post a LayOut file that shows for you the problem?

What else would you have me post? I would think the problem is pretty obvious here? Also i sent layout and sketchup files to Trimble years ago. They must be sitting on a hard drive there unused, given this is still an issue. Beggars belief really.

as @Anssi says… why don’t you upload one of the files that has this problem and maybe some of us can have a look at it for you…?

We are not Trimble so we don’t have access to what you may have sent to them. I used to have missing lines problems but they were more “random” than yours and I haven’t seen them since versions 2020 and 2021 were released.

Where would you suggest i send it to, or post download links? I don’t want everyone having access to my model.

Also you say you are not Trimble? I appreciate the effort here, no doubt, but you effectively have no connection to the company? So that means no chance of having this bug fixed either, i assume?
And if you are “not Trimble”, then what is this supposedly official SU forum?

I do have access to things you have sent in, but I couldn’t find anything from you, based on your forum details.

For the example file, copy one of your pieces of furniture into a new SketchUp file, insert that file into a new single page LayOut document, and if the symptom still shows, add that file to your next reply.

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To a large degree, this forum is for SketchUp users to share with and help each other. SketchUp team members (Trimble employees) do participate, but the majority of replies are from community members such as you and me.


Hi thanks for your reply. Indeed i’m in this forum with my personal account. If you want, i can give you the details of the account which is registered to the classic license.

Following your advice, I have stripped down the model to the least possible size. If you open it, and you will see either the stairs or the one cupboard still left in the kitchen, which if you remove one of those, the rendering problem in Layout goes away.

su problem.layout (15.5 MB)
su problem.skp (14.7 MB)

Thank you for any help you might provide.

If in SketchUp you move down the scanned image by 1 cm, you will no longer have that problem in Layout. Don’t forget to save SU file and update the file in Layout.
Do not overlap two surfaces in the same plane!


Like Mihai, I also eliminated the Z-fighting issue…

I didn’t need to move the image down but that is faster.

I nearly got here as soon as the others! I did try hiding the scanned image, that didn’t solve it, but I moved the furniture up 1 cm, and that was enough to fix it.

The problem was that in the same physical space there were two sets of faces, and in Hybrid mode the overall area face was beating the individual within the furniture faces.

I was slow to this. I had a nagging thought that we were dealing with a “2D” “drawing”.

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Hi all,

Thank you for your comments, but i don’t understand the enthousiasm: why is it a solution to move the furniture groups 1cm upwards? That’s just plain inconvenient.
Also, you seem to think the hand drawing underneath is the culprit. Not so. Even if I have a simple plane on which i want to organise the furniture groups, I get the same deficient behaviour:

Please don’t think I have been given a solution. This is a bug that needs to be solved. And quick, cause it’s been lingering there since 2018.

Thanks for any help.

No offence but how is that a solution: “Do not overlap two surfaces in the same plane!”

Doesn’t anyone here draw on a plane and then put parts of the plan in groups?

I can’t be the only one for sure!

You seem to be missing the point that SketchUp is a 3D modeling application. You are creating a 2D drawing instead and you have multiple faces in the same plane which create conflict for your graphics card and OpenGL.

FWIW, I did not move anything up or down in the model space, I got rid of the unnecessary faces in your drawing.

What version of Sketchup do you have ? Your profile suggests Make 2017. If that is true there will be no bug fixes for that version.

I marvel at Forum responders patience :slight_smile:


No, you are not the only one, there were others before you, the difference is that the others, after being explained where they were wrong, they understood and changed their way of working, learning to work correctly in 2D with a 3D modeling program.


I tested your file in LayOut 2017, it does the same thing there too.

There is a solution that doesn’t involve moving either the ground or the furniture. You can either remove the shape of the furniture from the ground, or remove the faces in the furniture.