Layout issues with vector

I have a floor plan that I’ve developed in SU and ported over to LO. Everything seems to be working except for a rendering issue(?) where some of my walls are not showing the section fill color. They are all solid walls in the model, I’ve even tried deleting a face at a time and adding them back in to correct the issue, to no avail. The walls show correctly in Raster and in Hybrid, but not in Vector. Any ideas?

Share the LayOut file so we can examine it and give you some guidance without guessing.

Any tips for getting it down from 328MB? It won’t upload with the current limit of 16MB. I’ve already stripped out erroneous pages.

Possibly but I’d rather see your enormous file. Upload it to DropBox or WETransfer and share the link.

That was only 34.6 Mb. Did you strip anything out of it?

It’s opening now. Hang tight.

I’m not sure what changed… maybe a doc purge?

Maybe. Still poking at it. Did you using any extensions to create the walls? Or is this imported CAD linework?

No extensions. Everything was hand-drawn in SU, and furniture/appliances were imported from 3DW.

It seems like there’s something corrupted in your SU file. I copied just the wall group to a new SketchUp file and sent that to LO and there’s no problem with any of the walls showing the section cuts.

Aha! I figured it out after I had all the rest of this typed.! It’s the toilets in the half bath and M.Bath. Delete them from the SketchUp model, save the changes, and update the reference in LO. I don’t know what’s wrong with that component that it should affect the section fill like that but it’s an easy thing to fix once you know what it is

Although I’m not sure they are related I did find some issues with the wall group in your model. First, there are some edges and faces that are tagged. I fixed that.
Screenshot - 3_6_2023 , 12_41_35 PM

I also see there are quite a few places with edges drawn across the walls resulting in internal faces. I cleaned those up and made sure the wall group is solid. I also removed the unneeded extra level of nesting for the wall group. And there are quite a few reversed faces. They are shown in green here. There should be no exposed reversed faces in the 3D objects in the model. Changing the style so the back face color is also white does not fix that. It just masks the problem and makes the model harder to work with.

Another thing I noticed in your LO file is that you’ve modifed the Camera position in the viewport. Note the Reset button and dark field in the Camera section of the SketchUp Model panel. This can create problems for you down the road and there’s no reason to modify the viewport that way.
Screenshot - 3_6_2023 , 12_37_57 PM
Click on the Reset button for that viewport and note what happens to some of the labels and dimensions.

Thank you!

You’re welcome.

Another discovery. If you move the toilets away from the wall the problem is also fixed so it’s not the toilet specifically.

I guess you won’t need to build in an outhouse after all. :smiley:

The internal faces were an attempt to “separate” sections of the walls while troubleshooting this toilet issue. Thanks for the help! I’ll clean them up on my end, too.

The camera position modification was an attempt to get the top left corners to “line up” between L1 and L2 floor plans, so you could flip quickly when they’re printed out. Is there a better way to do that?

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Yes. Use the exact same camera position for the two scenes in SketchUp. In this case since the L1 plan is larger, select that scene and use Zoom Extents to fill the model window.

Then with the L1 scene active, hold Ctrl and select the L2 scene at the same time, click on the Update button and in Properties to update deselect all but Camera and update the scenes.
Screenshot - 3_6_2023 , 1_39_12 PM
Do the above before you go to LayOut. Then inn LO set up the L1 scene viewport size, scale and position on the page. Once you’re happy with that, copy the viewport and paste it onto the next page. Change the scene to L2.

If you make tag visibility adjustments or change the style for the L1 viewport, those changes will carry over to the new viewport for L2 unless you reset them.

Keep in mind if you make changes in a scene property section that results in a Reset button, you are overriding the scene’s properties and they won’t change even if you pick a new scene until you reset them.