Layout 2021 - years of rendering problems continue

Removing the faces inside the group seems like a good idea as it would be possible in my workflow. I will try this. Thank you.

I marvel at the emotional insecurity people have, grabbing every newbie question they can to show off their implicitly assumed superiority.

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You better watch your words as all those “emotional insecure people” a trying to help YOU with YOUR problem, in their own time!!
If someone is judging you it’s probably because you were rude to them or to stubborn to listen to friendly advice from what we call sages here.
They earned their title and place here by helping people of any experience, age, belief, race and what more in their own time, unpayed and without judging!!
Be gratefull!

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None of them helped me. Only Colin from Trimble did. They only laughed at the stupidity of my question. Call them sages if you want. That behaviour doesn’t look very wise to me.

I posted the same solution of removing the unneeded faces 17 hours ago but you made it pretty clear you didn’t want help from anyone but a Trimble employee.

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I didn’t say I only wanted help from someone from Trimble. But as it seems, only Colin did manage to formulate an answer clear enough to understand for someone who isn’t a sage.

You said that (unlike Mihai) you didn’t need to move the image down. You then referred to planes overlapping. You assume i understand the problem is the planes inside the groups and that removing those is the solution. Only Colin said it exactly like that. You didn’t. So you didn’t help me (although you were one of the few courteous people, which is a lot better than I can say of most so-called “sages” here.)
As I see it, you were all talking to each other in known jargon. Z-plane and all that. If a sage wants to be understood, it’s best to explain things as simple as possible. And to your rude friends i’d add the advice to not look down on people less able, as one day you will be the one less able and fear those above you exerting exactly that kind of rude behaviour.

I told you I removed the unnecessary faces and showed the result.

My apologies, though. I won’t try to assist you further.

Why would you apologise if you didn’t do anything wrong? I don’t understand.

You spoke indeed of unnecessary faces. How am I to know which faces are unnecessary or even of which faces you speak? I didn’t even realise the problem was faces inside those groups. As I look back I did think only lines were in those groups. So speaking of faces didn’t immediately ring a bell.

OK… as an “official” Trimble Rep I have to say that the community did a very good job answering your answer and calmly trying to explain the issues with attempting to use a 3D drawing program to create 2D drawings. As your answer has been addressed and this whole thing is edging close to personal attacks and complaining, I’m gonna just go ahead and close this thread.