Layout 21.1.299 Render Mode Issues

Using version 21.1.299

In Layout when you view a scene that is based on a camera view not a section view and render mode is either Vector or Hybrid, the camera view is not displayed correctly. In both Hybrid and Vector mode all the objects display in a wireframe including the object behind the camera view. The camera view works in Raster mode.

If you use a section for the scene all the Render mode display correctly. Just started happening in the last version. Any ideas?

Share a LayOut file that illustrates this. (983.4 KB)
Here is the file

I see now that you have a duplicate thread on this topic and it appears it’s been solved. Please don’t create duplicate topics. It just creates confusion.

I don’t think is solved. Still no explanation why in 21.1.299 using hybrid and vector render mode objects behind the camera are displayed. This was not the case in prior versions.