Layout hybrid/vector rendering showing extra geometry (raster ok)

Hi SKP Folks!

My elevation views are showing extra geometry (Wireframe behind camera) in hybrid and vector modes.
Looked up others who have listed this problem and a workaround was to:
A.) Adjust OpenGL (untick "use hardware acceleration)
B.) Download a previous graphics card update.

Problem is I am using Sketchup 2022/ MacOs and there is no checkbox for “hardware accerleration” – is “use fast feedback” the same thing?

On a related note, I am setting up my elevation scenes via “placing camera” and not section plain (I find camera placement faster and easier to use and don’t want to avoid searching through slices). Is this a bad idea and should i stick with sections plains?


Wireframe is a transparent style, it’s obvious it’s gonna show geometry behind walls, the rasterization mode won’t render the transparency only the visible lines. And you don’t need to use section planes for elevations, just use the parallel projection.

On Mac it’s not necessary or possible to update drivers, every time you update the OS all the drivers are automatically updated.

If I misunderstood the problem you have, can you share your file, to check what’s the real issue?

Thanks for your response!

The camera views of elevation are of a solid wall (shaded with texture). The problem is that the elements both in front and behind the camera position are shown (overlapping geometry/ looks like wireframe) when I try to switch to hybrid/vector.

I am wondering if I should export all plan and elevation views as PDF image?

happy to share a file…
TEST.skp (2.8 MB)
TEST.layout (11.8 MB)


There was an issue a while back with an update - can’t remember when because it didn’t affect me - where people who had utilised placing the camera instead having section cuts had their views broken similar to your issue I think.

Was there a fix for this ? - I think so but I didn’t take any notice so can’t point to any relevant posts.

Use section cuts…? Of course - yes always !!

I’ll be able to check it in a couple hours, if no one else has found a solution to it.

I Just checked your sketchup model and the layout file.

  1. Your model is a lot messy, you have a lot of groups and even small lines all over the place, I used the cleanUp3 plugin and a lot of lines smaller than an inch where erased, the tag usage is wrong, you have the loose geometry tagged while the groups are untagged, the model has a lot of mistakes, the walls should be solids groups if its possible, and in your case it is, I work for 5 mins a could fix that, you had a room without wall thickness, I just did an offset and extruded the lines then intersected them with the plane that I thought was ceiling, but wasn’t, and deleted the unnecessary geometry. There are a lot more things to fix but it will require some time.

  2. I misunderstood when you asked if section planes were necessary to create elevations, I thought that by elevations you meant only facades, section planes are indeed necessary to be able to visualize an interior of a model, otherwise on layout using the vector or hybrid rendering you will see just the facade from the place you put the camera, I fixed a couple of viewports on the last page of the layout file, but you need to work a lot to fix everything.

I didn’t check all the scenes you have cause they’re over 90, maybe its not necessary to have that amount of scenes, if you have various scenes from the top you could use only one and on layout crop it to show the part of the model you want to show, I would do that, but if you prefer having a lot of scenes is up to you, we all have different ways to work.

I’ll share the Sketchup and layout files I fixed a bit, I would love to help you to fix it better but unfortunately I don’t have time right now, though if it’s not something you need to have done as soon as possible I would gladly give you my help
TEST.skp (1.9 MB)
TEST.layout (15.6 MB)

Hi Francisquitof,

Thank you… I really appreciate your thorough response.

Are you able to save the layout file in a 2022 version (I cannot open 2023)?

If I understood your response – I need to use section planes, NOT camera views, to construct scenes in Sketchup. This should give me the ability to have hybrid/vector viewports in Layout. This is especially critical if my scene/view has multiple layers of geometry in front/behind camera (ie. interiors/elevations).

I am learning Sketchup/Layout through youtube and it is still early days. I adopted the Place Camera method as I found the concept simpler than toggling various Section Planes. But if I understand it correctly, Place Camera will capture all information in front/behind camera– whereas a section plane’s distance is defined (slice). Is this why hybrid/vector will show extra geometry?

The 90+ scenes are for a walkthrough animation. I have so many in order to “control” the sequence… otherwise the POV is prone to walking through walls. In my research, I don’t believe there are other simpler ways to do this.

Thanks for your offer Francisquitof… would you be open to looking at a file once I’ve make some corrections?


For documentation on lay out, if you want to show a section you must use a section plane, if you want to do it on skp it’s not necessary but it’s better though, also having a section with plane will display the walls or geometry that has been sectioned with a thicker line, it is set to be 3 by default on sketchup but I like to change it to 2, I don’t know if you’re an architect or not but for architecture representation you need to use different line weights, usually sections are one of the thickest lines on a 2D plane.

Sure no problem, also all the create a layer for hidden objects or just hide them in your model instead of placing them all over the place, then update your scene after hiding the objects and even if their unhidden when you go to the scene you hid them they will be hidden again.

Check this free courses on the official Sketchup website.

If I’m not mistaken Matt from Master SketchUp and Justin from The SketchUp Essentials show how the placing camera method works, but they both work on Windows. I asked the same question to the community and the answer was to use the section plans, as you may have guessed. (X MacOS).

Sorry I forgot you use the 2022 version, here are the files again.
TEST.layout (15.6 MB)
TEST.skp (2.6 MB)

Here’s the thread.

Thanks for the link, it does describe the issue exactly. Interesting how in my search I did not come across this…due to terminology. It looks like the bug is NOT fixed for 2023… back to section planes.

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The post I made does tell you how to get the effect you want without using section planes. A fix to allow that way of working went into a 2022 update, and still works in 2023.