Layout crashes with Apple Sonoma

Layout crashes with Apple Sonoma.
After I accidentally updated to Sonoma Layout crashes. Layout crashes as soon as I try to start it from the icon and from sketchup when you want to send to layout. The only error report I get is apples which is attach. Does anyone have an idea what I should do. Kind regards, Patrick

Translated Report.pdf (227.3 KB)

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You could go back to Ventura.

I am having the same issue except it is not tied to an installation of Sonoma, as far as I know anyway. I have been running this program on this OS for a while with no real issue. But on Friday it crashed and won’t open. Every time I try to open the program is crashes immediately and I get the same crash report. I’m in a real bind as I rely on this program for work everyday. Someone please help.

Thank you, Dane

No guarantees, but you might try updating to the latest 14.4.1 Sonoma

Do you get a crash if you open an older LayOut file from Finder, instead of opening LayOut first?

Thank you, I will try that.

Yes, it crashes no matter how I try to open it. I have deleted the program entirely and emptied the trash then reinstalled it and I get the same results.

Thank you for your reply Colin.

You sent in several bugsplat reports on March 8th. Has LayOut been crashing since then, or did it stop crashing for a couple of weeks? Can you send in another bugsplat, so I can see whether the current crashes are the same as the one from earlier in the month?

It’s getting late here now, but I can ask the developers to look at the bugsplats in the morning.

Back then it was crashing for other reasons, mostly related to attempts to export my Layout drawings and the only remedy was to force quite the program and restart. This recent issue only started on Friday. I will try to send in another bug spat but when it crashes now I am only given the option to send a report to Apple. Layout won’t even open.

Thanks again

Attached is the report generated from this morning.
LayoutCrash3-26-24.txt (93.2 KB)

Update: I updated my OS to the most recent version and it had not effect, the program still won’t open. Twas a good suggestion though, thanks.


Your last crash report is still showing 14.1.2, could you show a crash report from 14.4.1?

Colin, I just got another yet different crash report. This is one that I was getting prior to the program crashing entirely. The error message said “libLayoutThumbnailExtension quit unexpectedly”. Not sure if this has any bearing on the problem but thought I’d send it along. Report is attached.
LibLayoutCrashReport-3-26-24.txt (28.8 KB)

Good evening,

What I read here worries me greatly because I am starting training on SketchUp these days and my computer, a MacBook Pro M3 Max from October 2023 is installed as standard with macOS Sonoma 14.x.x and cannot be downgraded to macOS Ventura.

I can possibly create a Ventura virtual machine under Parallels Desktop and install SketchUp there, but now I wonder how my SketchUp license will work, especially the day a version officially compatible with Sonoma comes out?
Could I use my license if I leave the virtual machine to install SketchUp directly under Sonoma?

LayOut ought to be working in Sonoma without crashing, even if the existing system requirements say you need Ventura.

I have asked the LayOut team to look into Dane’s problem. Hopefully whatever they suggest may apply to your situation as well.

If you were able to get LayOut working in a Ventura virtual machine, and if you have a Pro or Studio subscription, the signing in part should work.

My issue seems to be isolated to my machine. The three other users in my office all have the same program and are not having this issues and they are all on Sonoma as well.

Layout works on my Intel machine with Sonoma 14.4

I updated to Sonoma 2 weeks ago and sketched 2023 was not working. I deleted some .plist files as suggested below:
I’ve had some success, but today Layout crashed and will not reopen. I restarted my computer and updated to Sonoma 14.4.1 Sketchup 2023 will open but Layout will not. I tried to revert to Ventura with a Time Machine backup, but Sonoma remains my OS. My turnaround time for drawings on our TV show are hours not days, and rebooting from a a different startup disk is going to take me offline for the whole day if I’m lucky. In the meantime I’m hoping Layout 2021 works.

LayoutCrashReport03_27_24_223pm.txt (105.8 KB)

Hi Colin
I can´t still open layout after reinstall Sketchup and I get a crash report for Sketchup also. Pls take a look on my crash report. I have tried to go back to Ventura but have a similar problem with the Time machine.

Best regards, Patrick
Translated Report Process LayOut [35277].pdf (170.8 KB)
Translated Report libLayOutThumbnailExtension [35368].pdf (63.6 KB)