Layout bug when open

SOS Since yesterday, SketchUp Layout crashes systematically upon opening, making it impossible to open my last file due to a software bug, even with a nearly empty SketchUp file. I did a test with a basic cube that I sent to Layout, and the same problem occurred. Here’s the error message:

I’ve already cleared the computer’s caches and reinstalled the software. Thanks for your feedback.

I trust you restarted the machine?
Have you tried opening LayOut without sending a file?

Thank you for your reply,
Machine restarted and software re-installed.
Layout alone doesn’t start either.
After some research, I believe that the Mac OS Sonoma version creates this problem.
I haven’t found a solution yet

Are you on Sonoma 14.4? I think there were some issues with previous versions crashing SKP, but I haven’t seen anything about LO.

I’m still running SKP and LO 2022 and I’m not moving from Ventura until I know Sonoma and SKP are working nicely together.

I’m stuck with 14.2.1 but actually I didn’t pay attention to the automatic update.
I’m tinkering on indesign to complete the file and I’m stressing at the thought of a new glitch that destroys the entire layout file.
This will serve as a lesson to me for the future. :zipper_mouth_face: :zipper_mouth_face: