Layout Auto-Text from any dynamic component attribute?

  1. Auto-Text is only showing dynamic component attributes that have a label (i.e. that are visible in the component options window). Is there no way to get it to show all the other dc attributes?

  2. Is there a way to show a few attributes, one after the other, with one Auto-Text entity?

  1. Make sure you have set the attribute visible:

  1. You can add multiple attributes, but, ‘one time only’, the next time you add a label, you would have to go through the process again.


Hi Mike, but the attribute must remain visible… I want to reference attributes that the user cannot see.

It’s complicated….:wink:
The DC dictionary can only display attributes that are set to visible and thus visible in the Options dialog.
I have once investigated adding own dictionaries to be available in LayOut, but only succeeded in adding .skc’s to pop up in LayOut, check this post:

Thanks, I see. Though then instead of the DC labels you have skc info visible in the Component Options menu.

I think I found a workaround with one of our flextools DC patches that hides labels! It didn’t occur to me to use it until yesterday. The script hides labels only from the Component Options window but not from Layout luckily.