Some components attributes missing in Layout lable auto-text

some custom components attributes are not showing up in Layout lable auto-text options.
is there something I need to do to make them visble in Layout?

Have you tried changing one of the carcass’s dimensions?
Try rightclick Dynamic Components->Redraw.

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It appears that when the size labels in the option dialog are changed from Lenx,y or z the connection fails. A bug. A work around would be make an alternative attribute like size = lenX & "w X " & lenY & "d X " & lenz & “h”


Yes, but it didn’t solve the problem. Thank you anyway for “Redraw”. In order for me to check/test functions befire, I manually typed in a new value. From now on, I’m going to use “Redraw”.

Thank you. I decided to use a concatenate function w/ summary attribute.