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Working on a classification:
In SketchUp:

In Layout

Final result:

See attached model with Classification inside Model Info > Classifications

Bouwbesluit.skp (377,2 KB)

@brewsky @RichardMuller would this be usefull?

I take a look at it. I let you know …

Mike!! This is awesome!!! Looking forward to seeing the content you post!!

When you say working on a classification, do you mean you’re making your own classification system? If so I’d love to know a bit about it, the summary of it.

Also check this page:

scroll to Creating an SKC file.

It is based on XML and the schema is .XSD, if you open the Model Info [menu] Window >Model Info > Classifications, select the classification and then choos export, you can save it on your desktop (It defaults to the %AppData% )
Rename the file (change from .skc to .zip) and then extract.

I use Xcode to edit, but any editor will work.

Yes, you can have multiple tags…

but it is a hassle to label in LayOut

This one has the NAHB costcodes embedded in the embedded SketchUp file(!):

Bouwbesluit.layout (390,5 KB)




DTILE ronde hoektegels?

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Kast Puck.skp (1,3 MB)

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Checking how tiles come together…


Nice tiles, wanted them in our new kitchen. The plans changed though…