NAHB cost codes Tags

I have made a .skc of NAHB Cost codes (major divisions, only) in order to investigate how it would impact the reporting and see if anyone is interested (!)

Creating your own schema is explained here:

Creating your own classification for SketchUp is explained here:

While you cannot assign multiple visibility tags to an entity, you can with classification tags. For instance, you can apply ifcBeam to a rafter from the ifc2x3 classification and the NAHB costcode.
However, IFC native export from SketchUp only export the ifcType, not user defined attributes ‘under’ them. (You can see the classifications in the Dynamic Component Options dialog, anything that is gray will not export):

If you create a report, it will only have the ifc classification type, I can ‘Group by’ to have the entities ordered nicely according to the (major divisions) of the NAHB. It gets even more interesting when you add the Material to the Group by window as well. (This lets you have a order based on Material, Definition Name or Classification):

Anyway, here is the model:

NAHB-demo_model.skp (1.7 MB)

The .skc can be isolated through [menu]Window->Model Info->Classifications (export), there are two reports saved to the model in [menu]File->Generate Report.

The other report is about reporting through Advanced attributes, but I ran into some troubles applying them (off topic)

Credits: @jgbrock1 for csv NAHB :wink:

Note: do not bother to comment on the design, we are reporting here!



Ok I think I ran into some troubles assigning the Advance Attribute on a Mac, running Bootcamp version of SketchUp wasn’t problematic. (I do hope the developers will give some more :heart: to that platform…Noticed the version numbers? Mac just to be one digit ahead, now Windows is the first

I have updated the ‘Status Owner’ report in Windows and assigned some of the advanced attributes.

Basically, those advanced attributes consist of two seperate sets:
SU_Definition set (Price, Size and Url)
SU_Instance set (Owner, Status)

AA can thus only be aplied to Components, but there are quick ways to assign them. eg. Price, Size and Url can be assigned when creating them, but you can also select different components and set them all at once in the entity info, afterwards. (This however, can not be ‘Undone’ ) Probably another bug?

Same goes for instances of the definition, you can select multiple different definitions and apply the same attributes.
As always, best to name components for better control in Outliner.

which results in:

Here is the updated Model:
NAHB-demo_model.skp (1.6 MB)

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