Asset Tagging for Navisworks Export

I have modeled several plantcores for a large commercial building and the client want the model to be asset tagged for BIM purposes.
The problem is that i dont know how to create custom tags for components inside SketchUp which will appear in Navisworks.
I know there is a BIM Plug in which you have to pay for but is there a way to do this without paying which is inbuilt in SketchUp (or a free plug in).

The attached image is a test for asset tagging from Inventor and this shows the kind of thing i am looking for.


SketchUp has built-in classifying tools… You are probably using IFC for the export, and IFC is one of the built-in classifying systems.

But you must use SketchUp Pro. (Make does not have it.)


Thanks for the answers, they have helped as i now know the basis for the tagging. The problem is that the client want custom tags such as in the above picture. I just tried dabbling in .skc files and importing them however i couldn’t add custom ones. I don’t know if this was my error or it cant be done?


Hi @w_g_hall98,

Here’s a link to our Knowledge Center article about importing a custom schema:

Hope this helps.

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