Layout and Style will open, Sketchup does nothing on start :(

I can’t seem to open the sketchup trial. Layout and Style are opening and appear to function. I went through the stuff on not starting through the help area with no success. My graphics card is a GTX 1080.

Did you install SketchUp correctly by right clicking on the installer and choosing Run as administrator?

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I thought I did, but just so I can be absolutely certain I just uninstalled and reinstalled ensuring that I utilized admin; following that, still no joy. The program runs, so I get a notification that it wants to start, but then it just doesn’t go anywhere.

I see the sketchup application pop up in the processes but then it just seems to terminate.

Is your Nvidia graphics card set as the default to be used by SketchUp? Look at the Nvidia control panel.

I’m not sure control panel still works that way, or maybe it would if there were multiple display adapters. Device manager only indicates my 1080 with nothing else even available let alone disabled.

The only thing I can see in the Nvidia Control panel is being able to adjust trimble sketchup in the program settings under Manage 3d Settings.

Got it! Went through some random other tech support trouble shooting posts and found this one:

I uninstalled all my C++ packages (was like 10 of them!) and installed this one. It’s starting now.

Dave thank you for giving time on your New Year to help me out. Some of what you said made me change my searches and got me to where I needed to go. Thanks sir!

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