Bug Splat when open/launch

Hi! I´m trying to open Sketchup 2017 from icon in desktop. I have an old installer saved in my pc.
I´ve already used Sketchup 2020 with tryial version and now is over.
I have the 2 graphic cards that are fully updated (intel and Nvidia).
Sketchup is setted up in Nvidia card and is on mode “high performance”.
I also try to open as administrator.
I´ve downloaded also other versions (2018, 2019 and 2020) but has the same bug splat message.
I dont understand what´s going on. can someone help me??
thank you for your time!

Do not open/run SketchUp.exe as the admin, it can cause other issues…
However, you must install SketchUp by selecting its installer’s exe file [in Downloads] and right-click > “Run as administrator”
If it’s an existing installation choose ‘Repair’, otherwise the choice is ‘Install’…

Ensure that the Nvidia GC is properly set to run with SketchUp.exe, you can also try various ‘performance’ modes…

Make sure you have the most current v2017 installer - it can be downloaded from: https://www.sketchup.com/download/all

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