Layout 2021 vs. layout 2022 issues

Ok…I have a question…if I group or component everything in the model. The site model I have two main group entities. I have my building model as one and the other is the site plan which is not in 3D. When I run the plugin it does modify the linotypes and if I run the purge plugin it actually gets rid of several tags. I guess I should not run a purge? save the file as is and then reload the updated file into LO then adjust the linetypes in Layout? when running that plugin does it empty the particular tag? If so, if I adjust the livetype by tag will it make the change I need?

It’s actually just removing the tags from the edges.

The tags get purged because they aren’t applied to anything after you untagged the edges. Wait to purge until you’ve created the groups/components to contain the edges and then given those tags to those groups/components. Once those tags have a reason to exist again, they won’t get purged.

Not quite sure what you are asking. Again tags get removed from the edges you had them assigned to (probably best to think of putting tags on things. They should only be put on the containers (groups and components) that contain the edges and faces. Think jars with labels on them. The label (tag) goes on the jar not on the grape jelly or mustard in the jar.

In my workflow I leave the Dashes set to Default for all tags in my SketchUp model. In LayOut I choose a suitable dash style for the tag in the viewport. This means I can show the same component(s) with dashed edges in one viewport and solid in another. Fewer scenes in the SketchUp model to manage and the possibility of doing cool stuff with stacked viewports in LayOut.

So are you saying I should be:

  1. grouping everything on each tag separately
  2. run the plugin
  3. move each group to each tag

if I were to go step by step?

Put edges (and faces) in groups that make sense. Maybe all setback lines should be grouped together. Centerlines for post footings should be grouped together.

Yes. You can do that next.

Put the appropriate tags ON the groups.

Is there a way to change linetype of a line without having to change the tag that has a certain linetype? Sometimes you may have a background say of a site plan and you might want to have it on one tag, but with several different linotypes.


No. But you could separate the various edges of the site plan into separate groups and put different tags on them. Then collect those tags into a tag folder. You can give the different tags different dash styles and use the tag folder to control the visibility of all of them in a single click.

Just a warning unless it has been recently fixed… if you explode a group or component… all the edges will now have the tag of that group or component applied to them… contrary to all the good practice everyone advises… it is a gotcha that just should not happen… but it does…

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There are some instances where that can be helpful. For instance, when I create my site topography from a site survey, the surveyor typically only provides contours just past the property line. After the ACAD file is imported, I set all the contour lines to “untagged”, group and place on my SP_CONTOUR tag.

I like to have more context in my site so I extend these contour lines further out with lines that are grouped to a layer SP_CONTOUR EXTENSION.

Now I want to use sandbox tools do create a seamless mesh of both. I explode both groups then run sandbox create mesh from contours. By keeping the original tag assignment I can still easily isolate the original survey contours which I want to show on the site plan. I can also easily isolate, group, then edit back to “untagged” inside the group.

So as long as you know this behavior, it can easily work to your advantage.

Nick, I don’t disagree that this characteristic may is some cases may be useful…

But I am really annoyed that what is fundamentally an un-intuitive action by the software ( personally I would define this a a fault or bug) that is surely baffling to new users and even un-aware to experienced users is left not fixed!

Who could argue that when the advice from everyone (including Trimble) is to have your raw geometry always be untagged does its own software ignore this fundamental advice…? At least this action should be clear advised to all users , not stumbled on in obscure forum posts…

Further, this same argument applies to the issue of the rectangle tool in some cases not creating rectangles and distance snapping not being reliable, both with result in inaccuracies and countless hours of frustration and time fixing.

I feel these “sloppy” fundamental drafting issues require much more urgent attention for correction than say duplicating tag operations with a new 2022 “tag tool” that does not seem to add any significant productivity to SU and perhaps only complicate/duplicate tag operations.

I am unaware of the issues with the rectangle tool or distance accuracy. I’ve never seen these in 20 years of using SU. I can only speculate these are related to users not forcing direction with the arrow keys.

For me the fact that entities retain the tag assigned to the group exploded always made sense, not only because it always behaved that way, but results in no change to scene visibility. So it’s certainly not a bug. Can you imagine how difficult it would be to regroup entities if everything goes to untagged? It would be a mess!

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I appreciate all the replies please keep them coming.

And now for something completely different, but related to the 2021 vs. 2022 issues…

in 2021 you could use your mouse controls, namely the screw wheel to zoom in and out and the scroll wheel click/hold to pan. I believe these settings were the standard as I have never made any changes.

In 2022 the wheel acts as a scroll which to me is unacceptable. I want it back like it was in 2021. Are there any settings to make these changes to get the controls to work like I like? I am sure I am not the only one.

In 2021 you could use your mouse controls, namely the screw wheel to zoom in and out and the scroll wheel click/hold to pan. I believe these settings were the standard as I have never made any changes.

In 2022 the wheel acts as a scroll which to me is unacceptable. I want it back like it was in 2021. Are there any settings to make these changes to get the controls to work like I like? I am sure I am not the only one.

This sounds like a setting on your end. Rolling the scroll wheel for me in LayOut 2022 acts as it has in every version since the very first one; it zooms in or out.

Well, like you I have been using SU for 20 years, and also only became aware of these issues in the last 2 years thru forum posts… and that is my point… these are fundamental cad issues that result in inaccuracies and invalid geometry constructs and should not exist,…if they do they they should be clearly documented and disseminated so users can avoid/work around them… The certainly should not able allowed to sit there as silent sleepers…

While the maybe some workflow reasons for this to occur I would suspect these are mostly the exception and certainly is counter intuitive to all the advice… you could certainly achieve your objective by simply isolating the element a known distance, exploding, assigning specific tags, grouping and returning to its position if you needed to explicitly tag primitives…

Rectangle tool not producing Rectangles? - #3 by gsharp

So at the end of that thread it is never determined it is a software glitch. Instead it is from modifications to a rectangle. I have never experienced a rectangle not making a rectangle from scratch. So again user input error, causing the issue.

Mine does not work like that using Layout 2022 on my Mac. I have to press COMMAND and then scroll with the wheel. Its an extra step that I want to change pack to the way it was.

I want to be able to ZOOM with the Scroll Wheel and Pan with a click of the scroll wheel and drag. Single hand operation.

Please come up with a dialog box where we can have some options to fix this. It works correctly in SU 2022. They should work the same.

It sounds like you have two finger panning enabled:
Use the Zoom and Pan tool to view your model | SketchUp Help.

This feature was added for LayOut 2021.0 on mac:

Hope that clears things up for you,

Thanks!!! You nailed It…you win all the points…

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