Layout 2017 Dimension Issue

Hey all,
Please take a look at this video…
Any suggestions would be helpful…
LayOut 2017 on a Mac running El Capitan 10.11.6

I can’t duplicate what you’re showing on either Mac or on PC with LayOut 2017. Could you share the LO file?

Actually it’s every file that I have…
To add to the issue…when I open a 2016 file in Layout 2017 my dims boxes turn orange.
Take a look.

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The red box on the dimensions indicate that the dimensions need to be reconnected to the model. Right click on the dimension and choose Reconnect. Or select all of them and right click on one and choose Reconnect.

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It won’t let me upload a file…keeps saying too big.
Any suggestions on how I can get it up here?

Thanks! works great…

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Purge the unused stuff from the SketchUp file, save the changes and update the reference in LO. Purge unused stuff from the LO file, too.

Everything I upload is too big…
Here is another file I just created…It’s just a cube but the same thing happens.

test.layout (111.5 KB)

So you just want to move the dimension like in this video?

Take a look at this…
I believe this video also has audio of me talking.
It’s the leader lines I’m trying to move in 2017…works in 2016 not 17
Thanks Dave!

Got it. There was an intentional change to dimensions so that they remain connected to the model. If you change the size of the square in SU and update the LO reference to show it, in LO2016, you’d have to redo the dimension. In LO2017, the dimension will update automatically. Notice in LO2017, there’s an additional point on each extension line. If you want to change the gap between the model and the extension lines, you will have to edit each extension line but you only need to do that for one dimension. You can then sample that edited dimension and apply the change to the other dimensions or use that modified dimension as a guide for future dimensions.

UGH…if the one thing i have learned about drafting it’s all about not having your leader lines NOT cross each other or enter into your model.
Thanks for your help…
I’m not one to complain but the Layout updates have been very disappointing. This is just one of the examples…i also have to say I am amazed that the ScrapBook wasn’t updated… I also wouldn’t call fixing the offset an update.
I wish they would take Layout to the next level of a real drafting program…Maybe next time…

So you are disappointed that now the dimensions remain connected to the model? Have the dimension remaining associated to the model has been a request for a long time and for me it is a huge step forward. Making the odd modification to a dimensions extension lines is minor relatively speaking. Different strokes, I guess.

No I like that! Don’t get me wrong…
I just wished they didn’t have to change what I showed you.

I guess for my use, I haven;t found that to be a big problem but then I’m mostly doing detailed plans for woodworking projects.

I appreciate you taking the time to show me this. It was driving me nuts!

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Hi krm208 & DaveR,
I am having the same issues after migrating to LO2017. I am very confused by the ‘work-around’ suggested. Please tell us all how to move the leader (not the dim line) away from the model.

What ‘work-around’?

Leader? Do you mean extension line?

Yes, sorry. I did mean extension line. In LO2016 this line could be moved, either by a single dim or a group of selected dims, by selecting the blue arrow farthest from the dim and moving the extension away from the model. This is not an option any long.

You have to select each dim and move each extension to where you want it. This is hugely time consuming and a retrograde step to LO2016.

I guess it’s a trade off for having dimensions connected to the model. When they weren’t really connected to the model, it didn’t matter where the points were. Personally, I’d rather have the dimensions associated with the model so that changes in the model are reflected in the dimensions in LayOut. For me fixing dimensions after updating the reference was way more time consuming than moving the ends of a few extension lines.

You can set up the dimensions so there’s more space between the end of the extension lines and their connecting points. You could make that setting up front so it applies to all dimensions going forward. Or you can modify one and apply that change to the others with the Eye Dropper tool.