Red Boxes in 2017


Just updated to 2017 from 2016 in windows 7 and when I open an existing file I get red boxes around some text and dimensions, not all just some. Can someone tell me what that is about?


I sort of got it (?) playing around with it and right clicking on them I found the Command “Reconnect to Model”.
I take t its something new.


Yes, that’s exactly correct.

In 2017, LayOut and SketchUp added a new feature called “Persistent IDs” that allow LayOut dimensions to stay connected when the model changes. When you open a 2016 file in LayOut 2017, the dimensions aren’t using this new method of connecting and they’re highlighted in red as a warning.

Using the “Reconnect to Model” menu item tells the dimensions that they should try to reconnect to the appropriate persistent IDs in the underlying SketchUp model.

More info in the LayOut Dimensions Help Center Article. Search for “Reconnect to Model”.



is there somewhere to go to see all the new changes to SketchUp and layout all at once?


You could look at the Release Notes.


That shows the overview of changes, I would like to see a more detailed view of each addition/change like the “Persistent IDs” listed above.