Reconnect Dimensions to Model

Seems like more often than not when I update my model the dimensions become disconnected even though I don’t touch the components/groups in the effected views. Just now I created a new scene with a brand new group and all of my dimensions on every view in Layout were disconnected. And why when I try to reconnect only about 80% are able to reconnect? Again, these views were not edited so not sure why only a few of them would not reconnect.


always wondered about this as well. commenting just so I can see the answers that follow

Don’t think of it as a bug,
think of it as an opportunity for a workaround

That’s a reply I’d expect to get on an Apple forum.

What extensions do you have installed in SketchUp?

No extensions installed.

This seems to be the most recent post on this topic … and it doesn’t look answered.
I have the same exact issue. Randomly disconnected dimensions and labels, on a scene/model that wasn’t touched, and only ~80% reconnect.

It’s not worth the “workaround” to zoom in and move the little red end points until it reconnects, so I just re-dimension them, constantly. It’s fine because I love doing that, but I’m sure other people are frustrated by it.

Any advice for those people would be appreciated.

The only time I ever have disconnected dimensions in my own LO projects is when I’ve changed the geometry in SketchUp and removed the PID for one or both points. I must be doing.

Well I know I’m not touching the geometry. But I don’t know what a PID is.

PID: Persistent I.D. It’s what LO uses to link the dimensions to the points in the model.

How do I make sure I’m not changing it?

I don’t know of a way to identify that the PID’s aren’t changing. The only thing I would recognize is the disconnected dimensions in LO. Or when I know I’ve removed the old ones by modifying the geometry.

I’ve wondered about PID’s when the model is brought in by copying and pasting from SU to LO. That’s a poor workflow for a numbber of reasons and I doubt you are doing that.

I noticed this morning when making a window schedule (w/elevations of window units) if I copied a window unit in SU and the unit that was copied had been dimensioned in my LO file…those dimensions would lose “connection” to that specific copied unit. Now in this case just selecting the dimensions and “re-connecting to model” works.

I have other instances where they lose connection an will not “reconnect”, though I have not been able to decipher the reason(s) why, but I do try to understand and maybe discover how.


If you do a drag select , rightclick and choose ‘reconnect’ most if not all should be reconnected.
In most of the times, some extensions can cause this.

It won’t affect the export to pdf, fwiw, if you didn’t alter the geometry, you don’t need to reconnect the dimensions, per se.

Is there a list of extensions that have been found guilty of causing this?

not specific, usually render engines and parametric extensions for I know