Layers & Layers Panel Extension


To all,

I was hoping for more Layers functions with SU Pro 2015, so definite wish list for next release, would that be another year… SU Pro 2016…??

I’ve used a few extensions in the past, however the latest one I was using, LAYERS PANEL seemed to flag up as being incompatible on my extensions list when upgraded to Su Pro 2015. This extension is brilliant, but I did get the Dreaded incompatible file format once, so was hoping this extension would be fixed soon.

I’m surprised there are very few extensions for SU layers, simple things like clicking on a grouped set of items & then right clicking to turn that layer off would be a good one, (not hide) my layers lists can be vast & hunting layers down takes time. Simple things like this & having the ability to put layers in a visual Grouped Layer, (as per LAYERS PANEL EXTENSION) is another great time saving one.

Looking forward to the LAYERS PANEL extension to be verified as O.K. for SU Pro 2015.

Over & out,


I sure it’s updated, did you have a look at the Sketchucation