Why can I not find my layers in SU 2020

Where did the layers go?

Layers were replaced with Tags. They work the same way but the name was changed. It is explained in the Release Notes. You should go through them to see what else has changed.

You have got to be joking. Why would they do that?
Why do none of my searches give that answer?
More useless changes by children trying to look busy.
Maybe they could actually make a help menu instead of these pointless changes.
Sometime I wonder why i put up with all the BS in SU.
Thanks for the reply.

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This has been covered repeatedly in this forum and you can find the answers if you do a simple search here. I’m not going to bother rehashing it all.

The change wasn’t pointless at all. Evidently you haven’t spent years retraining users to not use layers like they work in Photoshop and other 2D applications like many of us have. It was a long time coming and I’m glad the change was made. There’s certainly nothing to get so upset about. As I wrote, it’s only a name change as far as the way it works in SketchUp.

It was clearly explained in the release notes which should be the first thing to review whenever you install any new software.

By the way, this change made it possible to make a huge change in LayOut which can greatly improve the workflow.

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I rely on actual help menus and since SU refuses to make one I search the web first and only come to this page as a last result because it is very inefficient and annoying to ask a question instead of finding it in official documentation. I do not and will not track all the changes through release notes I will never use that either. I use help menus not random answers from random people. Which is why SU is so terrible to reply on the community instead of doing it’s job. Thanks anyway.

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This forum is one of the few that you will find highly experienced people willing to give their time at no expense to help ingrates with trivial issues. Also one of the few forums I know of that is monitored by those involved in support.

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Please lets not start up another of your Loathing the Forum threads, can we just accept the name change and move on.


Exactly my point. Why do I need to ask a question to the universe instead of finding it in an actual help menu? You are right it is trivial. It is a fundamental aspect of the program and should be a very easy answer to find. If i had an upper level question then I would come here to find the answer. Thanks

Can I ask a question about use of English? In UK English it’s common to say “that’s one of your typical whatever’s”, when referring to an issue that many other people have talked about. ‘Your’ is ‘Everyone’.

As opposed to “your”, meaning specifically you.

I think this is Locis’ first loathing post.

edit: I see you meant loathing the forum in particular, not about tags. You may be right, there may be previous posts that criticize the forum.

For what it’s worth, here is where I come to find answers when I get stuck.

My dissatisfaction with this format will not change until the format does. It is a terrible way to find information.

Thanks, I appreciate the British understanding of language and syntax. I have complained about this forum before I find it nearly intolerable and completely unprofessional.

If it would interest you to do so, the SketchUp forum is based on Discourse, and some of your ideas might benefit a lot of communities, not just SketchUp.

The site for contributing to how our forum, and many other forums, work, is here:

There is nothing wrong with my use of English.

Thanks for that Colin. I think community forums are the worst thing to ever happen to problem solving. It is an inexcusable abdication of responsability by the software companies. For upper upper level problems it would be a fine way to advance the program but to not document how and why your software works and then force people into the vast ocean of random opinions and exessively discursive answers (like this one) is an act of pure arrogance and shows nothing but a complete disrespect for the users. It is nice and cute that some people like to be here to chat and trade ideas. I do not want that opportunity to end I am bothered by the fact that this is the only place to get information. I have work to do and I want to have reliable official documentation not chats. Thanks for all the replies and your tolerance of my dissention. If I could find my answers in a normal professional way I would not be here.

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I concluded that in the end.

For a comparison, I have read that Microsoft will spend the time to answer your question for $200 per question. Our approach is different, in that it’s $120 for 12 months of unlimited questions (not counting the fact that you also upgraded your version of SketchUp). As part of that we ourselves answer questions that are to do with what is stopping you from getting SketchUp going. For anything remotely 'How to" like, we have to rely on the forum.

A lot of us at Sketchup do answer questions on the forum during the day and in the evenings and weekends, but there are even more contributions from Sages and other helpful users. You will get answers here pretty quickly.

Have you tried the ‘Help Center’ yet? - Controlling Visibility with Tags | SketchUp Help

I looked at the Help center and the documentation is not that good. Where do you find information on Layers? It is explained if you decide “I have to learn SketchUP” and go to the “learning center” and the basics, there is definitely a section on Tags, But there is no normal documentation.

Documentation for software explains all the menus and interface items in a logical fashion and one would come across Tags quickly in such a case. And in this specific case the note “Layers are now called Tags in 2020!”–should logically be at the top of the online documentation in big letters for a couple years.

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@eric-s I would be very curious how you found that link without knowing the key word “tag” ? Please, can you describe the procedure?

If you are going to the Help center :

You’d think obviously a search for the word “layer” would yield good results.
Unfortunately, this is not the case. If you are not an experienced SU user or employee, you will not easily find the link you wrote above …

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Thanks no that did not come up in my searches. I did try it and all I got was old broken and non-usable pages about the viewer and old articles explaining how the layers used to work. That is also a question based interface. Where is the index?