Why can I not find my layers in SU 2020

You received an answer almost instantly though.

Even if that is true I am not interested in using it. I want a static/updateable + downloadable + indexed help menu that I can read anytime I want (on or off-line) and always get the official answer. I would also use the indexed information to just read what all the “tools” are for example. I would also be able to compare the different functions of the “tools” in a systematic way.
I have looked deeper into the help center and it is nothing but a glorified FAQ page = (completely useless). Forums are for people with time to waste and FAQs are relics from 1995 = laughable. My hope was that when Trimble bought the company they would take the program into a more professional and logical configuration. Unfortunately that did not happen. I really do not care who is on this forum (present company excluded) where you work or if you are doing this as a service. Those are your choices. I have my answer thanks.

Thanks pbacot you see things similar to the way I do. Even Tag is a bad term it sounds like Twitter = (childish) and it implies that you would be able to apply multiple tags which could be useful in some instances but that would be better thought of as a group or class. None of the other design programs have a problem calling layers what they are, layers. Thanks

Ok we can close this session now please.
I just did a search for layers on this forum and NOTHING came up about “tags”.
Thus my opinion has only been reinforced.
This forum is a useless bad joke.

This is simply not true! Have a better day!

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@dezmo I agree with you the search function within the Help Center could be improved. I typically (being a SketchUp insider or not) would start just with a Google search.

The point I was trying to make, while not perfect, there is a lot of information out there already and would like to make sure people are aware of it. Another example: I work on SketchUp Campus and can’t tell you how many times we’re asked for better or more comprehensive training content. Yes we have that and I take the time to direct them there.

At least it should be updated to reflect 2020 software and the new changes.

Thanks @eric-s! Personally I know, the docu quite well and it is contains nearly “everything” and more… Just not easy to find if you are not using, bookmarking…etc. it for ~18 years. I just wanted to know “the other way” how the employees dealing with it…
Sure one user is less confused (e.g. me) the other ones are more (e.g. Locis).

Best wishes to maintain it! (…for everyone satisfactory :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:) !

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I am not confused the system is inadequate and very poorly managed.

I feel your pain about the state of the search system. Usually I use Google to point my way into their system.
As a side note, throughout my whole career I had to deal with manuals that sometimes did not mention the particular system I was trying to repair. to make matters worse they did have an index to search plus sometimes the topic was spread over several publications. That only added to the confusion.

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With all due respect, the release notes are typically just a few paragraphs that would have instantly solved your issue before you even opened the program. Simply refusing to read them, now knowing this, is “childish”.

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yes it is, but it is also not in anyway a replacement for proper program documentation.
Please accept my poor response as a mirror to the very poor functions of the forum.

The forum is what the users, including you, make it. This is not the SketchUp documentation. You are here a member, not a customer.

There is no Sketchup Documentation, that is the problem.
I only come here when absolutely necessary and since there is no SU documentation that is more than i would like.
If I could close and delete this thread i would but I can not which is also a flaw in the forum.

It’s the exact same feature, just with a name change to better describe how it functions: not a separator of geometry but an attribute you apply to it to say what it represents and to control its visibility. It’s as simple as that.

No? Really? It sounds just like a layer.
What does “separator” of geometry mean?
Please kill this post so I can go back to ignoring this forum.

And yet if you had simply said, ‘Thanks Dave, now I understand’ way back when he answered your question this would all be over.


Well the answer was so surprising that it created more questions. Since this is a chat room it seemed like the right thing to keep on chatting. I still have not heard what the improvements to Layout are (which is only tangentially interesting to me because I do not use layout). Do you know how this changes layout? Just in case I ever use it.
And regarding the release notes . . .I run at least 20 different pieces of software and to read each release note for each new (usually insignificant) release is not going to happen. I look to official documentation in the help system when I have a question. (did i already mention that?)
I am also now interested to hear how I am supposed to use the “tags”. I do use them similar to PS layers and exactly the same way I used CAD layers and i definitely do use them to separate geometry. Does that make me a bad user?
Thanks for you contribution.

WOW i read (not really just did a search for “tag”) the release notes and the article about layers changing to tags was the 14th out of 26 references to the word and located about 1/2 way through a document that was about 30 pages long.

The first reference to Layer or tag was few pages in
“Changed a reference from Layers to Tags in the Merge With Hidden warning.”
Very informative

Which makes your recommendation a bigger joke than i thought it was before reading the release joke.

Come on people this is just terrible.

A ‘Layer’ in SketchUp [now in v2020 recast as a ‘Tag’ but otherwise identical!] control the visibility of any objects a that have that assigned to them.
In what follows ‘Tag’ and ‘Layer’ are interchangeable, depending on your SketchUp version.
Assigning a ‘Tag’ does not separate the different geometry [edges and faces] that has different tags.
This is unlike most other apps where it separates them.
If you assign a ‘Tag’ to a ‘container’ - a group/component-instance - then switching that ‘Tag’ on/off shows/hides the container.
Assigning different ‘Tags’ to edges/faces is a recipe for confusion…
All ‘raw-geometry’ should always be created or assign ‘Untagged’ or ‘Layer0’ in older versions.
This is much like Layer ‘0’ in AutoCAD for geometry that’s in a block [container] and that container’s layer controls the entire visibility.

To see how mixing Tags/Layers across geometry can be a nightmare do this…

Make a Rectangle and select its edges - assign them a Tag/Layer - e.g. ‘Edges’
Next select the face and assign that a Tag/Layer - e.g. ‘Faces’
Now switch off Tag/Layer ‘Faces’.
The edges remain visible, delete one edge.
Now switch on Tag/Layer ‘Faces’.
The face has gone because deleting the edge which it needed to exist deleted that face.
The Tags/Layers have not separated the faces and edges.
They also ‘stick’ to other geometry assigned to other tags/layers [visible or not]
Making a group/component of geometry [that is not tagged/layered] allows you to control that object’s visibility.
And the object is now fully separated from adjoining geometry to which it would otherwise ‘stick’…

Hope that explains things in a different way…

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