Layer manager for SU 2018


I’m looking for a layer manager to make it easy to turn all layers on or off and to save and restore laver states.
I just started using SU 2018. I had been using Layer Manager by Didier Bur which allow does those things, but it has not been updated for 2018 (I loaded it anyway and the menu item doesn’t show up, although the toolbar does). Does anyone know of a extension to do these functions?


I’m using the D.BUr on 2018 and it seems to work fine?

also there is : layers organizer by George T


I’ve been using Layers Organizer with no complaints in Pro 2018.

In looking for the link to include above, I also ran across Layers Manager 3.0.0. This is the first time I’ve heard of that one - no recommendation either way.


Hi, I tried using Layers Organizer. It is very nice. Allowing grouping of layers is really useful. A few things that would improve it:
You can’t put it in a tray, being able to do that would be very helpful
It can’t be minimized the way you can do with the standard “Layers” panel.
It would be good if it could do some of the things that Layer Manager 3.0 does:
turn off all layers
turn on all layers

I installed Layer Manager 3.0 (which I had been using with SketchUp Pro 2016).
However, in 2018 it doesn’t seem to show the menu item. It does display the toolbar, which I find much less efficient to use.

Also, I would like a way to add layers that are visible only in the current Scene (or even better, some limited set of Scenes.) Adding a layer in SketchUp turns it on in all scenes.