Large tool set is microscopic in Windows 8

Hi David,

Late last March I migrated my desktop workstation from XP Pro to Win 8.1
SU 2014 displays as expected on the dual monitor setup I’ve used for years.
Display 1 1920 x 1200 (native) SU GUI maximized
Display 2 1024 x 768 (native) SU Model Info and Dialogs

Most likely the problem you witnessed stems from the recent introduction of high-resolution screens.
Fellow Sage @Aerilius describes the problem and offers some solutions over here…


Since SU 2013 toolbars for SketchUp on Windows OS are customizable.
That means the user can also “disassemble” the native toolbars.
They can be reset back to their default configuration using the reset buttons in the Toolbars Dialog.
To open the dialog click … View > Toolbars or Simply right-click on any existing toolbar.