SketchUp GUI too small on Surface pro 3 even when global scaling to 180%

Again someone who enjoys a next generation device (too)! Unfortunately, touch and high-dpi together are even harder if the application doesn’t support it (even with a mouse, vertices and points are hard to pick).

I’m not going to trade in a future-proof purchase decision for a sub-standard machine only because of SketchUp. I believe a lot of SketchUp’s users especially benefit from higher resolutions and tend to be on the left side of this graph. It’s not the kind of application where the owner can afford missing the trend.

See here for more options how to work with SketchUp under these conditions, for example different solutions to upsample the SketchUp window (application-specific scaling was disabled for SketchUp 2014, but it could possible work in SketchUp 2015).