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For a while now i’ve been using the Parallel Projection > Iso View method to display my objects in isometric view, Though today I downloaded this plugin, .

Which has made me quite anxious that the objects I have printed for my project are not true isometric views. So, I’m wondering what the difference is between the inital method I used and the plugin.

Thanks, also I’m sorry if this hasn’t made sense, I haven’t been using Sketchp for that long.

This isn’t an answer to your question, I’m afraid, but I am intrigued to know what you use isometric views for. When I was learning my craft, we used isometric drawings (and axonometric) as a poor man’s alternative to proper perspective (which were fun but took hours and hours to construct and so were rarely done). If you have software that produces pretty accurate perspective views, one wonders whether anyone would ever have invented isometric ones!

I think SketchUp’s native “iso” view is indeed isometric, but only if you change to parallel perspective before entering iso view. If you first set the view, and then the projection you do not get an isometric view, but one that is close enough to be easily mistaken for one.

@madamx, here is a (closed) thread discussing this subject:
Isometric Template

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