ISO view different in SketchUp to LayOut

Having issues with the ISO view showing seemingly normal in sketchup (30 degrees) but not in layout (20 degrees). Not sure if there’s a way to specifically choose the angle but i dont think this should be happening…

You should be able to have the same view in both SU and LO. Did you create a scene in the SketchUp model to use for the viewport in LO?

yes, that seems to be the only way to do it… wondering why iso view in layout is so off though - seems like its been that way forever

I’ve never seen a difference between the scene I created in SketchUp and the viewport in LayOut. This is the proper way to be working between the two, anyway.

Agreed, but selecting the ‘iso’ view in layout should create an isometric view.

@DaveR, he’s right. ISO within LO and SU are different. In addition, the LO offers only one ISO variant (where the x axis points to the right forward and the y axis points to the right in depth), while eight ISO versions can be obtained inside the SU, depending on which of these views was closer to the previous view.

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I never said he was wrong. Please don’t put words in my mouth.

Oh, @DaveR, I’m sorry, it wasn’t meant to be a reproach. I just confirmed that I, too, have noticed this difference, which does exist objectively.

As @DaveR said, the ideal is always to base your views in SketchUp scenes, however, in this case what you can do is use a clipping mask on the viewports and then scale the viewport. Last time I tried this stunt it distorted the viewports. If you scale it vertically you should be able to match it

Unfortunately, in my work I feel this difference in ISO views as a big obstacle. Creating views inside a SU and using a clipping mask are just “patches” to deal with this strange situation, and it takes extra time that you might not waste. Yes, I use them too, but I don’t like it.

By the way, can anyone logically explain why there is such a conceptual difference within one program package? I think that this is not without reason, it is just not completed. For example, in SU it is not possible to predict exactly the viewpoint I will see in the LO ISO view.

I’m so used to setting up scenes in su to use in lo that I don’t even consider not doing it