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The original version of Sketch Up was in the isometric display. I was told to change and save I should open SU, open view, and click on “Isometric”. It was not listed.
I have the web free version of SU. Is there another way to change to the isometric template?

There is no View menu in SU Free (the web version). However there is a View “browser” on the right side of the screen where you can click on various camera directions, including 4 diagonal ones.

Note that none of these, nor the “Isometric” view in the SketchUp application, is an actual isometric view as the angle to the ground is to shallow. If you want to get an actual isometric view, e.g. for a drawing, you need to draw a face on the Red Green plane, rotate it 60 degrees around either Red or Green axis, rotate it again 45 degrees around blue axis and align the camera to it.


Some months ago I wasted way too much time trying to figure out the scale factor between an isometric view and a simulated isometric projection for a drawing, before realizing the view wasn’t isometric in the first place -_-.

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They (8 together) are all correct. Your 45 degrees rotation is overdone. It should be something like 35.264 degrees to get measurements the same along all axes.
See the rotation angle’s size marked red:

The free version seems to only show the isometric views from above (4 altogether)

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Depending on your SketchUp version,
There’s an oldie version of a plugin that sets up such views…

Use with care…

45 was correct but 60 should be closer to 54,7. I must be remembering my old method wrong as I haven’t produced any isometric drawings in quite a long time now.

I just assumed the ISO views to be wrong in SU Free as it is wrong in the desktop version. Glad to see it is correct! Then there is at least one thing the web version does better.

They are correct in both versions.

When wanting to use ‘Align View’ on a rotated rectangle (say in the R/G plane), edges parallel to red and green axes, first rotate it 45 degrees in the red/green plane, then tilt it by 35,264 degrees (see green triangle, measured angle). Then use 'Align View.
SketchUp is faster with its icons though.

Just found this nice image that leaves no doubt: (camera later along blue)

Just tried in both SU Free and SU Pro 2018 and they are indeed both wrong.


The far and close corner should be lined up in the view. They are not.

To get an actual ISO view one still needs to draw an rotate a face to align the camera to, or use a plugin.

Is it the Swedish version that is wrong? :thinking:
No, seriously. They’ve always worked for me. The only difference between Make and Pro v.s. Free is that Free apparently doesn’t “support” iso from beneath.

P.s. see my first image with boxes 1m1m1m. One click on an icon.

I think I know what may have confused you. (guessing though)
In ‘Perspective’ view > ‘Iso’ view > ‘Parallel Projection’ view you’re not there yet!
Either click one of the ‘Iso’ icons again or just start from being in ‘Parallel Projection’ mode when applying an ‘Iso’ view.

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That explains it!

I’ve never set the ISO view after toggling to parallel projection, I always o it before for some reason. This is a really obscure and unpredictable behavior. The view is merely a vector and shouldn’t IMO be affected by the projection type.

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