Isometric angles not 30 degrees

I would like to produce true isometric drawings with vertical lines and horizontal edges at 30 degrees. For assessment purposes in the New Zealand Curriculum students are required to complete instrument drawings using a 60/30 degree set square. When using Sketchup in Parallel projection and standard views the print out has angles of less than 30 degrees - any ideas?

SketchUp’s ISO view should be at an angle of ~35,254 degrees

See attached image to set up any angle you like (next save a scene to keep this angled view!)

p.s. Cube is 1m x 1m x 1m

I think I see what you mean. The standard Parallel Projector ISO view gives edges that are at about 18.5 degrees. I tried a test where I placed the camera higher up, and looked down on the scene. Then I got it over 30 degrees. I bet there’s arithmetic that would give you the best location for the camera, in order to get the 60/30 degree kind of view.

Wo3Dan is talking about field of view angles, and I think you’re talking about the angles of the red and green edges in a 2D snapshot of the scene.

Hi @colin, No I’m not talking about Field Of View angles.
As you can see in the image I uploaded, I created that look in ‘Parallel Projection’ mode.
In that mode FOV is not relevant.

Switch to ‘Parallel Mode’ first, and only then to ISO to get a proper isometric view of your model, looking at an angle of ~35,264 down or up from a horizontal plane.

If coming from ‘Perspective Mode’ you click ISO and then switch to ‘Parallel Mode’ that angle is different and in earlier versions of SketchUp might vary depending on how you were looking down (or up).

For different “ISO” view angles the best way is to set up a proper angle with geometry (shown in the image) and use/drag “Position Camera Location” along a guide or a set up edge.

Thanks for correcting me.

Not sure if I interpreted OP’s 30 degrees in the right way though.
Green and Red axes and their respective parallel edges will show at 30 degrees from a 2D horizontal line on screen. But that doesn’t change my workflow. SketchUp’s ISOs will give you these 30 degrees angles.

My goodness! The instructors should leave the 19th century finally behind, especially if students are not required to draft by hand. Is fencing also a compulsory subject? Latin?

Then should we “erase” the ISO options from SketchUp altogether?

We still need parallel projection but as a method of representing 3D as 2D the “ISO views” or “cavalier perspectives” or “plan obliques” etc. are obsolete. Most of them, even, distort the parallel view by using projection rays that are not perpendicular to the picture plane to get angles that are easy to draw with t-squares and triangle rules.

ISO works in Perspective, and is useful as a quick way to get a typical above and to the side view. Perhaps it could be called ISO-Like.

Not in the piping industry for example.

You can always ignore the ISO options. But like Colin said:

I do agree.