Is there a way to set perspective angles in Sketchup?

Is it possible to set perspective angles in Sketchup? Meaning whenever we use the Orbit tool and and view the model in different angles, is there a way to know in which angle the model is being viewed in?

I am trying to create furniture assembly guides and the images in the instructions needs to be in 45 degrees. I have attached two images. I took screenshots in random angle but is there a way to know which angles those images are in that view?

This is in SketchUp Free (web) as your profile shows? Is this just for yourself or how will you use the model?

I work for a circular furniture company and currently I am using a free version. I want to to make sure if this is the right software to use to get the results we want before paying for it.

I don’t know about the free version. But if you have the Position Camera tool (under Camera), you can draw lines with set heights and distances to create the angle you want.

First, if you are evaluating SketchUp you should be using SketchUp Pro or at Least Go, not the free version. The free version is not for commercial use and in any case it’s almost an apples and oranges comparison. You can use SketchUp Pro trial for 30-days which should give you plenty of time to figure it out.

As @dan20047 indicates, there is a Position Camera feature at least in Pro and Shop. You can set the camera so you are looking down a sightline placed as needed.

Sorry, maybe I mentioned it wrongly. I am using free trial version of SketchUp Pro. Are there useful videos that can help in understanding this concept better? I have searched in every which way but can’t seem to find the answer. Thanks!

Yes, I am currently using a free trial version of SketchUp Pro. What exactly do I search to understand how the Position Camera works? All I am getting is the focal point view, which is not what I am looking for.

Yes. That’s much different that the free web version. Please correct your profile. That information helps us help you.

“Position Camera” in the Help files reveals this page and there’s a video there to show you how to use it.

I have updated the info on my profile. I will watch that video and see how it goes. Thanks so much for the help!

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*Help files

Do you want a perspective view (with vanishing points and all) or an isometric view, i.e. an orthographic projection where parallel lines are parallel in the view? You can achieve an isometric view with the red and green axes at 30° from horizontal in the paper drawing, but not what I’ve always known as an axonometric drawing where they are each 45° or 30° and 60°.

I am looking to set angles for uniformity. For context, I am making furniture assembly guides (there are hundreds of furniture configurations). The scale is large so using scenes won’t work (since scenes can’t be transferred between different SketchUp files).

I am looking for a way to set angles so that the furniture models in all the guides are at uniform angles.

Is the isometric view in SketchUp always 30 degrees?

I am looking for isometric view. Does the Iso option always puts the model in 30 degrees?

Yes they can be transferred using Eneroth View Memory. Or, natively, you could set up a master file with the scenes as you want and copy the models into it from the existing .skp file. A simple SketchUp template would make that management easy and for new files going forward start with that template and the scenes are already done.

Yes, currently that’s the backup plan - have a master file with scenes and then copy the models into. But in large scale, that won’t be sustainable. That’s why I was looking for a way to be able to view the models in specific angels, 30 or 45 degrees.

Why not? If you’ve set up a SketchUp template with the required scenes already set up, it should be entirely sustainable.

You can do that with the Position Camera tool as I indicated yesterday.

Yeah, I guess it is. I couldn’t figure out how to set angles with Position Camera. All the videos just show how to use it and not how to view the models in the specific angles we want to.

I would set up a guideline or draw a temporary line at the required angle to use as a guide. Click on the guide and hold while dragging the cursor along the line in the direction of the view.

Thanks! This makes sense!

I have two more questions -

  1. Does the Iso option defaults at 30 degrees?
  2. Is there a way to export 2D graphic in high res? I have set it to ‘Better Quality’ in the Export options but its still not the best quality.

No 30°. Here is cube. Switching to Iso sets the view through diagonally opposed corners.

What are you exporting from? If you are exporting raster images directly from SketchUp you can adjust the export size in the Options window. If you are exporting raster images from LayOut, you can also choose the export size.

Exporting as PNG instead of JPG will generally yield better quality images because there’s no comression with PNG files.